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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Red


1. Same start time as John F. - neat to see how fast some of these men move. Resisted the temptation to start fast...goal for the day was just to orienteer solidly, not quickly.
2. +00:20With that in mind I took an ultra-conservative route to 2. Left to the trail and then right at the intersection. Not a fast route, but it was worth it to gain some confidence.
3. Feeling like I'm reading the map well, contoured up to this one no problem. I think I passed Heidi on the way.
4. +01:00Hit the road at the high point and proceeded cautiously towards the stream. Lots of stopping and starting and hesitations. Still trying not to screw it up.
5. Ran left of the line to use the first reentrant as an attackpoint. No problems.
6. +05:00Not cool. The plan was to get to roughly the top of the hill/spur and run along the end, using the first big reentrant as an AP. Hacked through a lot of slash and ended up way to the right of the control, many reentrants away. Proceeded very carefully in the right direction and eventually got there.
7. No problem, I though, just keep going. This one was okay. Ran down the left side of the nose and crossed the stream just right of the clearing, headed straight south to the power line, which basically put me on the line. A few steps into the woods and I spotted the control.
8. +01:00Feeling okay about my run so far, but took sort of a strange route here. Ran down the power line to the major stream and crossed there, ran the white woods for a bit, into the slashed open. Never found any of the trails off the end of it, so kept hugging the stream until I could tell that the mini stream with the control was ahead.
9. +06:00This is the one leg where I pace counted, but only during the first half - which went well. Ran down the road across the stream and then basically headed on an intercept course for the line with the fence. Tripped over the fence. Follwed the fence a bit too far to the right, checking off the wrong set of rocks on the far side of the stream, and ended up staringg at the wrong major stream, with a green course control in it. Had no idea where I was. Saw someone streaking by way off to my left. Headed that way and realized where I was, which was a long way from the control.
10. Sort of disappointed in myself now, but I figured I could still finish feeling okay about the run. Basically ran the line, but carefully, through the open area and handrailing off the stream.
11. Took the trail all the way around to the right, no cutoffs or anything. Spent a little to long staring at the map to make sure that really was the only rational way for me to go. Jumped off the trail one dip too soon, but spotted the control to my left easily enough, just as the train of Pavlina, Viktoria, and Suzanne swept by.
12. +20:00Very seriously considered going left on the trail but instead opted for what I assumed was the faster route around the hill to the right. Didn't climb, just kept contouring, and headed down a parallel ditch, right off the map. Took forever to figure out where I was. Had decided that I was lost and just needed to get back. Really bummed about a DNF. Then I realized where I was (almost on top of the big hill), so I hit the trail and got to 12 the way I should have in the first place. I blame the snakes that scared the poop out of me on the way out of 11.
13. Took it really easy, a couple others were here, too.
14. +01:00Feeling pretty scared of goofing up. Headed left of the line to aviod the green but ended up more left than I thought. Looked right and spotted the bag from afar.
15. Confused by the fact that there were *two* bridges.
F. Finally kicked a little. Finally.

Total Time Lost - 00:34:20

Split Analysis

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