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Race Evaluation

Urban's O - Green Course: Green Course


1. Trail and in along small hills. Stood at knob for 15 seconds before seeing control
2. Touch bend in trail, then straight over
3. Straigt
4. Straight (more or less)
5. Straight North to trail. Trail to big bend. Straight to control
6. Was planning on touching trail at bend, but missed trail and overshot control by 100 m
7. Straight North to fenced in house. Cut across NW to trail. Followed trails to 50 m from control.
8. Ran trail back same way I came in, along curving hill. Cut acriss flats to next trail. Followed this trail for 150 m, then followed hills on East side directly into control
9. Over to powerline, powerline to base of hill, then straight to control
10. Pretty much straight at it
11. To bend in trail, ran trail for 80 m, then over to knob (where the control was not). Circled back towards #9, back to trail, and then over to hill where control was
12. Straight

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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