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Race Evaluation

Forest Park Sprints: Sprint 2


1. +01:30Boneheaded move right out of the start. Started off to the right, and realized it halfway down the hill, but too stubborn to give up on it and go left. Then, stayed on eastern trail all the way to the end and came around and in from the top.
2. +03:00Back to the trail to the paved loop road and across woods to corner of field and on compass, but missed it left and couldn't figure it out. How can it be so hard to find a control right along the trail. I was one bend too far S and couldn't get over it. Found an empty pit down there, too. Finally gave up and was headed to 3 when I finally saw it.
3. Easy.
4. +01:00Got a little confused by the trails, even though I was being careful. Approached from the N, and saw the marsh, but couldn't quite visualize where the pit would be, so went too far S and had to come back.
5. +00:30Up to the trail and then down to the stream crossing and straight. Wasted effort at the start.
6. +00:30through parking lot and past greenhouse with fence and straight in. Saw plastic bag hanging on lower fence and thought it was a control, until I got down there. ??? Then saw it back up at the top.
7. Tired and a little sluggish, but ok.
8. John F went past here. Got a little confused going out of there, but got through the yellow and around SE corner of pond. Caught up to John F again, as he had a small diversion.
9. Trail, then across stone wall. Saw Siobhan on trail, standing pretty still. Trail for a bit, then up and over. Stopped one too soon, but no bag there. Then saw John F headed up the next spur, so went to it.
10. Uphille N to the road. Saw Clint motoring by, likely on Sprint 1 leg 2. Cut corner through picnickers and piced up EW trail past little house and trai to the R of control, up the spur and in.
11. +01:30Crossed trail, got a bit confused and cut in early to large unmapped pit, then found control, but took a good fall puching in.
12. +01:30What was I thinking. trail looked steep, so decided to go straight, but it was really slow and hard.
13. Pretty straight, picking up trail W of control.
F. Easy

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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