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Race Evaluation

Forest Park Sprints: Sprint 2


1. W by control #13 & cut off the trail bend.
4. houses caused me some cause for concern but I figured they were just off the map. Somehow skirted to the N of the little hill to the N of the control.
5. crossed near a stone wall across the marsh, but I don't know which one. There was no trail up from it, so it must have been the one to the E.
9. Went pretty much straight from the trail junction to the E of the control. Faster I think wouuld have been to stay on the trail and run around the bend.
10. Didn't feel like climbing, so I ran along the water until the far corner of the parking lot. Went by the ruin & cut over one reentrant.
11. Leaving #10, was feeling a bit light-headed & confused. The deepness of the trail confused me, but I eventually made it...
12. Here is where my brain completely went pffft. My first plan was to go low & follow the marsh. But it looked yucky so I decided to just take the trail (eating contours). But then I got sucked in by some tracks leaving the trail. Really bad idea.
13. Almost unconscious by this time, forgot about #13. Crossed marsh right away, climbed up wrong reentrant. Had to circle back by the start/finish to go down.
F. Physically demanding, but nice courses. Thanks, Phil.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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