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Race Evaluation

Forest Park Sprints: Sprint 2


1. didn't notice obvious L route choice - went straight down hill into crappy veg, muddy trail, then headed up realized I had to cross reentrant - very discouraged at such a lousy route choice on #1.
2. +00:20out to field just fine but cut into woods a bad angle and went right instead of left - just not concentrating
3. ok on this one, passed the family enroute and slowed for a brief chat
4. boom, running on unmapped trails, contours not making sense, not noticing pit was two lines down.
5. knew I was going to cross bridge, saw bridge from control and ran down hard and up trail opposite. Too bad it was unmapped bridge on small stream and uphill to N.. arghhh....
6. ok
8. wasted time looking for way out of junky garbage dump, then slow in rough open, flag had wrong code...
9. climbed out of 8 and over. WHY? stupid, stupid, stupid...
10. rest slow and demoralized...
F. I'm coming back next week to do this one right.....

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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