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Race Evaluation

CSU Pine Banks: Sprint


1. Tired
Already beat before I started, after a long busy day. Took the road all the way around to the parking lot entrance, instead of ding the faster shortcut along the edge of the out-of-bounds area.
2. Tired
3. Tired
Through the woods.
4. Tired
Trail over the top, cut in early on the wrong bare rock, but realized it quickly and backed out.
5. Tired
6. Tired
Trail to get as close as possible, nailed it going straight downhill. The map didn't show the cool MTB ramp (that's what it looked like, anyway).
7. Tired
Pretty much straight.
8. Tired
9. Tired
Drifted way right, hit trail north of the cliffs.
10. Tired
11. Tired
Got just about to #14 before I realized that I was supposed to be on a different hill entirely.
12. Tired
A bit left and under the last cliff. Got #12 and #15 mixed up in my head, and was surprised and a little confused when I got to #12 successfully.
13. Tired
14. Tired
15. Tired
Fun little staircase going up between the cliffs.
F. Tired

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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