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Race Evaluation

NEOC Nobscot: Red


1. Doesn't include 3:12 map-copying. Took trails to top, then cut over.
2. SSE to field, then trails to hill, etc.
3. SSW to stone wall, followed it to trail, then beeline.
4. Was a bit confused to start -- looked at map and thought I should see dropoffs to right & left. Deconfused myself on the way. Didn't know where I was when I hit the trail, but went up & trusted to luck.
5. To cliffs, up above them on flatter terrain, then followed the trail when I found it.
6. Trail -> faint trail -> trail, cutting through amphitheater, picking up trail & into woods after bridge. Saw a control earlier than I thought. Wasn't mine, but mine was in view.
7. Weird route choice - SSE then N on trail then mostly straight to circle. But didn't see the control. Wandered a bit. This was the only control I lost significant time I think.
8. W to wall, following it to corner, then cutting W to trail.
9. NNE to stone wall jct at OOB, followed trail to next stone wall, followed it most of the way.
10. Down, following stream a bit then to stone wall corner - cut over to trail & followed it.
11. Cut SSE through junky stuff to trail then followed the trails nearest the line.
12. Didn't pay attention to the contours and went high on the trail. Should have stayed low.
13. Pretty much E, not knowing where I was until I hit the road. No problem from there.
14. W to trail than ran trail almost all the way.
F. Thanks Ken M. - fun course on an excellent day for running.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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