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Race Evaluation

NEOC Nobscot: Red


1. Left at the fork, then WNW up the straight trail/stone wall.
2. Went west to the trail, ran hard along the trail, then straight up the hill. Ross thought going straight at first would have been faster. Maybe, but I guess the splits disagree. What's up with the double controls, yo?
3. +00:15Once again, I went north to the trail. Came out too far west, so some slight hesitation making sure I was on the right trail, otherwise pretty fast. Maybe would have been faster to go straight this time.
4. Took the trail east of the control. Climb was brutal, so slow going uphill.
5. Yeah, decided to contour, following the cliffs straight into the control. I doubt I could have been physically better on the steep slope, but maybe eating some climb to avoid the difficult footing would have been worthwhile. Probably could at least have found a slightly flatter part of the slope and got some better running in.
6. Straightish along the trails, cut accross at the amphitheatre, maybe better to cut right after the amphitheatre, but I'm not going to worry too much about the micro route choice.
7. Went east out to the trail instead of going straight through the valley. Required going through the narrow marsh, which actually was a bit slow. Probably better to go straight this time.
8. +00:15Thought about going low to a trail, but stayed high, following the cliffs then the wall. A bit hesitant on the wall, since I wasn't reading contours well.
9. +00:20Went too N and not enough E, so came out at the houses on the wall. Ran fast, though.
10. Just followed trails, going W around the green blob on the hilltop.
11. +00:30Was able to follow trails most of the way, heading basically SE, cutting across a marsh, then E over the hill, down to the big trail. Went too far along one trail at one point.
12. +00:20Didn't notice how many contours I should drop going into the control (from the trail) so got past a couple cliffs and it didn't look right. Then went a bit further and saw the control down below.
13. +00:30A little hesitant when I hit the trail on the other side of the pond. Also went along a line too far N of the control before noticing the rock features to my right and turning S towards the control.
14. +00:15Went W out to the trail, followed the trail to the stone wall, out to the building. Went a bit too far along the wall.
F. +01:00Looked down at my punch card while punching the 14th control, and there was no punch in the 13 box. Checked to make sure I had definitely gone to #13, decided yes, then ran in. All in all a great race, although a lot of trail running and not much fine navigation, I thought. Good confidence booster on the physical front. FWIW, NEOC definitely got my map-copying time wrong, by about 2 minutes. Oh well.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:25

Split Analysis

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