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Race Evaluation

QOC Mont Alto Goat: Long Goat


1. Everyone had two minutes before the start to examine the map/course. Julie Keim, the meet director, gave the official start. Everyone started off. Ted Good took the immediate lead with Jim Reyburn right behind. Everyone crossed the bridge and proceeded up the hill. Dave Onkst jokingly calls out to the leaders, “how long will you keep that pace”. The hill was very steep so I started walking immediately after Dave said it. Jim continued to run up the steep hill. I should point out that it was 125m climb to the first control. The group slowly started to spread out on the hill. Several people followed Ted Good and Andy Strat down the trail while others took the straight angled approach. Ted was the first one to the control with everyone right behind.
2. Off to control two we went. Dave Pruden was now leading. On the way we passed Tim Good who said “I hope you aren’t going to control two”. I politely coughed to get his attention and pointed back the way we came. That was the last I saw of Tim. The Two was uneventful with Ted Good getting there just in front of Dave Pruden.
3. On the way to Control three, Ted and Dave split up. Ted dropped lower while Dave stayed higher. Surfice to say Dave’s way was better. Ted Dropped back to 5th behind Dave Pruden, Jim Reyburn, Dave Onkst, and Andy Strat.
4. Control 4 was the first possible skip control. Dave Onkst and Andy were considering Skipping but when Ted just blasted to control 4 they decided not to skip. Tom Strat did skip 4 as he was loosing contact with the front pack and decided that would be a good way to catch back up. Personally I don’t think 4 was a good control to skip and it turned out you could see it from a long ways off.
5. Angled up to trail. Trail to dot knoll. Still behind Jim and Dave.
6. Trail.
7. Dave and Jim cut immediately to the trail. Andy went straight to control. I thought I would save some distance and cut around the depression the other way to the trail. I didn't realize I still needed to cross a reentrant. I lost some ground. I cut in just past the pond. Dave and Jim went straight to the trail bend. I got there just behind Jim so didn't loose any ground.
8. Down the reentrant to the trail. Back to the pavilion. Dave and Andy already there. Up the road. Andy and I took the cut trail to the pool. Dave stayed on the road to pool road. Trail up along the stream. Dave and Andy gone but Jim caught back up to me. I offered to let Jim go ahead but he was content to let me lead. Eventually you had to leave the trail and shoot 800 meters to the bland area. There was lots of shuffling at this control. Jim wandered off and Ted passed Andy. As Ted approached the control, Dave Pruden was shooting over to the control. Ted turned the other way and after bouncing off the stream found the control. Dave meanwhile didn’t find the control. Ted Ran on not to see anyone for a long time. Meanwhile at control 8 there were people all over looking. The area was green and the control hidden. Andy who eventually did find 8 proceeded. Apparently he also told Tom Strat where it was but I don’t know if Tom went back got 8. Several people decided to skip 8 since they couldn’t find it anyway. The cagey Andy Strat misled everyone else around him by saying that he was skipping 8 also when he had already found it. Andy believes the control was about 40 meters northeast from where mapped.
9. straight. I was a little low and it was farther than expected. This could be because 8 was not quite right.
10. Contoured around then climbed the hill. Misread the contours as the control circle goes through the contours. wandered around a bit and finally bounced off the ditch to the east.
11. South to the trail. Trail west to the main trail. Crossed the powerline and continued to the trail met the road. Cut in and found some bushes (used the facilities). Then went on to the control.
12. Up the hill. I drifted right and ended up in the wrong part of the hill. It was all green up there so I wondered a bit before I realized I was to far from the trail then cut back to the control.
13. Down the spur to the power line. Cut over to a new trail that went almost all the way to the rock. I was on a east/west trail and couldn't see the rock. I went right, then left. I didn't realize it was one contour down behind the trees from where I was.
14. +15:00Straight to the control. Only problem there wasn't a control or a charcoal platform. There was just green/rhodendron all over. I wandered first right, then left. Hit the gully then bounced back. Still no control. Went out the road and came back. Still nothing. Went back to the road and checked to be sure it was correct. Back to the stream/road this time and tried again, and again... Now Andy Strat, Jim Reyburn, and Tom Strat are all in the area. I am just ready to give up when I finally saw the faded control, hung high in the green. I snuck away rather than tell everyone else where it was. after all I just spent 15 minutes looking for it.
15. I skipped this one so took the road around.
16. +04:00cut in off the road. Down the trail. Saw Francis and went to leave the trail and tripped on a fence. Got my feet all tangled up and two legs cramps. I also fell on a ant area (big black ones). I was lying there trying to get untangled so I could properly stretch. The camps were still there but eased when Andy comes up and ask if I am ok. The biggest hurt was to my pride. Andy ran on. I was able to hobble up. Once on my feet I could stretch and the cramps faded. I proceeded on. Get to the control just in front of Dave Pruden. Andy still in front of me. Here we are near the end of the race and there are three of us together again.
17. Ran out to the road. Took a better line than Andy but he still had a head start. Dave Pruden angled more. I passed Dave just as he was about to hit the road but apparently his calves cramped up so he lost some time. Andy running hard and goes around the pool to the left. I go around the right but by the time I got there Andy was gone.
18. See andy ahead of me. Heidi Onkst chides me for letting a youngster ahead of me (like I could do anything about it).
19. Andy crossed the stream and I followed him. Should have gone back out to the road. Stupid Ted. It was really green and I had to keep crossng the stream. I was a building away when I saw Dave Pruden leaving the control.
F. Out to the road. Dave Pruden was to far ahead to run down. Just jogged in easy. Finished third.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:00

Split Analysis

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