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Race Evaluation

QOC Mont Alto Goat: Long Goat


1. Started out behind the early leaders Ted, Andy & Jim. Lost places steadily on the uphill. Ted led the lead pack down the trail while I tried the shorter direct line. Passed the platform 1/2 way there so was confident of my direction so when the pack passed in front of me I held my line instead of following. Oops. They passed me again on the way to 2 and I had to follow their line backwards. So much for the pack. Ted, Andy, Jim, Dave O, Dave P, Tom, Greg all ahead of me and out of sight.
2. Made and effort to close back to the pack but never saw them.
7. Took the high route which was a mistake.
8. +17:00Greg was waiting for Kathleen at the start/finish. They say I was about 5-6 min behind the leaders. Saw Tom ahead on the road but lost track of him once he cut in. Greg caught back up just before the rocks. Followed a small stream and a variety of unmapped semi trails to get to where I should have spiked 8. Surprised to hear voices and then see Dave Pruden. Looks like the control could be hard. Dave looks to be heading to 9 so I go left. Nothing and get to the small stream before attacking for 8 again. Still nothing and now I have seen Dave O, Tom, and Andy. After searching a bit head on to 9 to use it as an attack point. Punch 9 with Andy for an actual split of 44:01. Coming from 9 we both cannot find 8. (4:57 to take a careful bearing from 9 back) Still in the same area I was before. Decide to check the charcoal platform uphill in case the course was mis drawn. Should have stayed with Andy since he apparently finds the control right after I leave. Spike the other platform, attack from there and still do not see 8. Will have to skip 8.
9. Go back by 9 so I can get an accurate split for 10.
13. I can see the trail I am on is not as mapped but still am surprised to find myself to far left. Instead of popping into the control, I end up in the rocks far away.
14. Get a cramp in the left thigh going down the hill. Not good since there is still a ways to go and the next water is at 16. After 5 minutes on the ground I continue carefully. Consider the road around to protect the cramping leg but try straight. Take the clear route thru the green instead of the proper bearing and miss to the left so head out to the road anyway. Use the stream road jct and pace count to take a careful approach. No good as I get a cramp in the rigth thigh this time. Some time later I continue and after more wandering stumble across the control while heading back to the road to attack from the ditch/road jct.
15. Take the road this time and am considering going to 16 first to get water. Attack from below and do not see it. Jon Pifer comes from the top and does not see it either. Eliminating the areas each of us came thru, we are able to locate it together.
16. Together to 16 and spike it.
17. Jon runs away on the road. After a lot of water at 16 I am able to carefully jog again. Catch him at the control when he does not leave the trail to look in the ditch. I had already located the spot to cut off while on the route to 8.
18. I sneak ahead when Jon crosses to many streams. Had hoped to break 3 1/2 hours but looks like it is not going to happen.
19. Out to the road, then cut back in to early and stop at the wrong building. On to the next.
F. Road jog in.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:00

Split Analysis

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