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Race Evaluation

Forssa Games: H12B


1. Bad route choice
Followed the trail over the hilltop, allthough I think straight from the triangle would have been better.
2. Bad map reading
Didn't climb quite high enough and missed slightly to the left. Should have been obvious from looking at the contours.
3. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Disturbed by others
Confused by a reentrant which was mapped as a knoll against a hill.
4. Did not like map
Lacked confidence
Found the marsh, but when I got to the wooded area between clearings it was all open. I should have figured out where I was from the contours, but lacked confidence.
5. Straight, veered a bit left towards an unmapped cliff.
6. Did not like map
Bad map reading
Took the safe way around to the right of the green. Didn't read map well enough in the clearing, and had a small bubble.
7. Straight, came around the rock from the right side.
8. Straight through the marsh.
9. Confused parallel features
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Was almost at 9 when I for some reason though I had accidentally run to 10 and headed back along the field. After 200m I realized the mistake and headed back.
10. +00:10Straight, but ended up a bit low. Contouring was a bit slow.
11. To the corner of the marsh, although I should have aimed straight for the bare rock.
12. Straight, hesitated slightly at the earlier, smaller rock.
13. Ran on the path briefly, easy leg.
14. Could maybe have been faster here.
F. Sprint!

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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