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Race Evaluation

UNO Beaver Brook: Red


2. Right of the line, then straight across the field. Not a smart route. And the stuff growing in that field was tall and dense!
4. Disturbed by others
Saw Stephen Koehler heading north on a trail when I was 75% of the way along, and hollered out words of encouragement. His reply revealed that he was confused, freaked out, and well into tears. Stopped and gave him a pep talk, persuading him not to DNF. Turned out he knew exactly where he was, and his problem had to do with having been confused by a complicated trail junction near his 6th control. Sent him on his way to complete the course, then decided that I might want to check up on him, so I took a shortcut to the junction in question and waited for him. When he got there he was still confused, and I explained the various trails to him. It appears that the problem was that although the main trail turned at the junction, and he could see that on the map, somehow he couldn't see in the terrain that the trail was turning, and thus he was trying to make a turn onto a side trail. He could see from his compass, though that that trail was heading the wrong way. He was convinced that there was something wrong with the map. Once I got him going on the right trail, he apparently had no further trouble. This took place about 150 m NE of #4 on Red. The White course was kind of challenging for a little guy like him, I'm proud that he managed to get through it in the end.
5. Trail along the marshes.
6. Straight.
7. Crossed stream on longs at the downstream (south) end of pond.
8. Straight. Tough in the thick stuff, but I kept a good line and lucked into it.
9. Should have gone more directly to trail early on instead of thrashing through the green. Followed trail to bend directly downslope from control, easy attack from there.
10. Walked, checking features off, and nailed it.
11. Doh. Figured I could relocate after going down through the scattered fight, but I wasn't sure what was what, so I went down and relocated on the trail junction 130 m W of the control. Easy to get to the circle from there, but the unmapped logging trail got my brain turned around, and I wandered around the wrong bumps at first.
12. Attacked from sharp trail bend 100 m NW of the control, an read my way in cleanly.
13. +01:00Contoured, which was thick and nasty, and crossed one trail, which I now think must have been because I crossed it just below the junction. Continued N, then decided that I had better do some climbing, and headed up for a while. Hit the large trail NE of the junction, up by the pond (i.e. I overshot by over 150 m), and encountered Nancy, so I stopped for a moment to talk to her about Stephen. Easy attack from the trail.
14. Attacked from the boulder at the trail bend. There's another boulder a little ways into the woods there that's pretty big, and not represented on the map at all. Read contours nicely into the control, though I was hesitant when I got to the "stream" and found myself actually facing a green marsh.
15. Straight down, crossed marsh on trail.
16. What's the IOF symbol for "poison ivy patch"?
F. Overall a pretty lackluster performance, because the weather conditions sapped most of my motivation.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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