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Race Evaluation

ROC Powder Mills Park: ROC Powder Mills Park: Red


1. +00:30The area did not seem to match the map, so I struggled a bit after following an unmapped trail from the fence.
2. +00:30Missed left, but pace count said to stop and I looked around and spotted the reentrant.
3. +00:15Tried to follow the edge of the swamp, but it wasn't real distinct, so I climbed to get a better view, and figured things out.
4. Up a hill - recognized it as a spot we had hashed a few weeks ago, and down the other side.
5. +00:45N to larger path, crossed swamp, then saw nice shortcut from one road to the next - left the trail to straighten out the switchback, then didn't get back on it because the control circle wipe it out, so I wound up crawling thru some prickers before winding up back on the trail and attacking.
6. Ran down to the road, then around on trails to the right.
7. Up and down to the road, then into the trails until I saw the spur.
8. +00:10Trails - though they were confusing (unmapped trails led to backyards).
9. +00:30Down to the road, then up the trail leading east of the circle: chose the climb, instead of traversing the light green down below. Missed the flag on the way down (blocked by fallen trees), but picked it up quickly on the way back up.
10. Down to the right - the light green had a trail thru it - then way right around the building and up and over the hill.
11. +00:10Down to the trail thru the swamp and up the other side. Nice of the earlier orienteers to beat a path across the meadow, but I lost the tracks and took a roundabout route to the control.
12. Skirted the river bend and up the hill - had to walk a stretch up it as the heat was taking its toll.
13. +00:30Changed plans in mid-stream and turned a trail run into a terrain run.
14. Straight.
15. +00:45Looks easy on the map - N to trail then mostly open land most of the rest of the way. I drifted right, but saw the swamp and contoured around to the hill above the start. The control circle edge was at the field boundary, so I sprinted in 25m and wondered where the flag was. Sylvia was coming out from farther in the trail, so I continued on another 25m or so to the flag.
F. At least it was a downhill finish!

Total Time Lost - 00:04:05

Split Analysis

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