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Race Evaluation

ROC Apple Shed: Green


1. Bad route choice
At the start Gil said to me "This is the greenest map I've run on all year. I recommend you always go around if there's a trail." So I went around on the trail to this one. Good strategy in general but apparently not on this leg.
2. Missed the 1st 2 trails heading down the hill and finally turned left on the one at the bottom.
3. Powerline to #9, cut through from 9 to 8 succesfully, missed the yellow and white strips and went into the bottom orchard before heading back up to 3.
4. Boulder is farther south than mapped. I attacked from the trail bend, eventually decided I had to have gone too far, went back to trail bend and tried again, eventually gave up and headed on to #5. Eventually found #4 on the way.
9. Since I succeeded in going straight from 9 to 8 during leg #3 I tried to do the same in reverse here. No joy. Eventually gave up and cut out to the powerline. Hit watch for this split several seconds late due to not being in chrono mode at first and having to figure out a) why it wasn't beeping and b) what to do about it.
10. Went south through the orchard on top of the hill. Decided not to try to do the diagonal since I found a line that was fast and easy to run. Then cut down through the yellow.
F. Uphill run-in's just suck. :-)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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