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Race Evaluation

Tahoe Two-Day A meet: Red


1. I knew this was going to be a slog, so I took it even easier than yesterday.
2. No problems on the first two, feeling good about my orienteering - smooth running.
3. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Then I made a poor route choice. Decided to "contour", or really climb diagonally, up to this one, which had over 100m of climb. Should have burned on the trail and just ploughed up the reentrant. Navigation wouldn't have been any harder.
4. Didn't see any easier way to do this one, just tired.
5. Not thinking clearly
Lacked confidence
What a disaster. Had a great plan and actually executed the first 90% well, I just thought I was making a parallel error to the left. So I corrected to the right, but I was already just right. Ended up halfway to 6 before turning back. Clare (on green) had a similar leg, and I was just behind her as I was sorting out my confusion. She took 17min for her control, so I figured about 18 minutes lost.
6. +00:30After that last control I figured I was out of it, and just focused on finishing the damn thing. Took it slowly and ended up a little high.
7. This was pretty straight forward, though at this point I was wondering when we were going to get to stop climbing. Cut across the stream just left of the earth bank, which worked well to guide me right up the reentrant and over the saddle.
8. Annoying contouring. A couple others around me at this point, they were all too low as we approached the control. I was, luckily perhaps, tipped off by the small clearing just before the control.
9. Finally, some downhill. Except it was too steep to really fly. And then we had to go up. Passed Alevtina here, which surprised me. Getting really tired by now and contouring as much as possible around the big hill, but still had to go up by the rocks. Used the little cliffs to succesfully attack (more cleanly than those around me).
10. Finally, some real downhill. Plowed down the fasted way possible, aiming right so I could use the trail intersection to relocate. Worked great. Jumped off at the trail bend.
11. Feeling like the end was in sight and I could pick it up. Not sure where everyone else went on this leg, they all came from the other direction as I was leaving...
12. Tired
I jumped off the trail two spurs before the reentrant where the control was, and that added unneeded thrashing through green and climb. By the time the control was in sight I really had no energy left to go higher. I saw it, 20m ahead, and didn't want to move. It was rough.
13. Okay, *now* the end was in sight. Never made it to the road, the woods were fast and I just curved around to the control.
F. Most of this was uphill. The first time I've walked part of a finish run in a long time. How cruel.

Total Time Lost - 00:21:30

Split Analysis

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