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Race Evaluation

DVOA: French Creek North: Green


1. +01:00Realize that I have left my O pants at home. Scrounge up a pair from Mary Frank - thank you so much! This course, especially early on would have been even more miserable with shorts on. Had initially thought about doing Red, because I hate driving so far (3 hours) and doing so little. But Green was enough today. Got tangled up in the deadfall wrapped in sticker bushes.
2. +02:00Missed the trail going across and went around past the field where the GO control was...
3. Angled over to the water tower, down the trail, and cut in correctly. Just a slow slog.
4. +01:00Missed it to the left and visited the pits.
5. +01:00Missed it to the right.
6. +01:00Down to trailand around. Visited the slab thinkink I was at the little building.
7. Straight.
8. Straight.
9. +03:00Missed to the left. Climbed almost to the trail, cut over, and then back down. No good plan.
10. +08:00Stright to the trail north of the control, but took no time to figure out where I was on the trail and forged ahead. So, ended up at the trail west of the control, sorted myself out and went back in.
F. Wow, what a long run to the finish! Then I did a 180 out of the finish and had to navigate back to the parking lot.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:00

Split Analysis

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