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Race Evaluation

JWOC 2006: M Sprint


1. It took me a second to find the start triangle on the map, and even though we had a short run to the start, I didn't feel quite ready when I got there, but just as I was running by I figured out a quick route around the building to the right, so I didn't really lose any time.
2. I started to run to the residential area south of 1 before I realized that I had to go around it, so I stayed left around it before cutting out to the road then just cut through the fountain area to the road with number 2.
3. Left around the church.
4. Straight up to the road junction, then down the road to 4.
5. Thought about going left around the building, but decided that it was too far back. I decided to take path around to the right which took me right into the control. Looking back at it now I think the route to the left might have been faster, but I am still not sure. It would be fun to run them again and compare.
6. This was just a long slog with no navigation. Definitely the most boring leg especially since everybody was standing around the spectator control making it really obvious.
7. +00:05I took the route to the right, and made my only mistake when I tried to cut the final corner on the building only to realize it was a balcony. I cut back quickly and took the stairs down.
8. There was some serious construction going on just northwest of 7, and it looked like everything was cut off all the way to the eastern building, so I ended up running around that to the right even though I had originally planned to stay to the left of it. From there it was just a trail run in attacking off the end of the long hill.
9. This was just a basic compass shot, but the slight contours were actually quite easy to read going into the control.
10. Down through the reentrant and around the spur on the right and into the control.
11. +00:02I cut straight over the hill top and into the control and probably lost a second or two from the extra climb. The German guy who had been chasing me since about the spectator control passed me here by going to the right of the hill.
12. Just a quick compass shot.
13. And again...
14. Another boring road leg...
15. I think the navigation part ended when we left the woods...
F. 9th on the finish split aint bad...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:07

Split Analysis

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