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Race Evaluation

Alaska: Ellyn's Meet: Red


1. Direct
2. Roads, then cut NE to power pole
3. Up the power line
4. NE to the antenna, then roads and small trail over the top of the hill
5. Sidehill to the upper part of the reentrant, then up to the control.
6. Up the spur
7. Up the trail, then direct through the rough open area.
8. East past the dark green, then direct.
9. +01:00Fairly direct, but got worried that I had gone too low and wasted some time.
10. West along the edge of the hills to the road, then down the road.
11. Direct along the contour.
12. Direct.
13. Along the contour.
14. Up to the road, then back down from the bend. Went in a little early.
F. Down to the fence corner, along the fence to the field, then direct.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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