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Race Evaluation

DVOA Nolde: Red


1. Through the parking lot and down the road to the right. Cut off at the first sign of white woods, then down through the fields, across the path and stopped at the vegetation boundary as I didn't see the rock. Took a quick look around and saw it on my left.
2. Straight back up to the road the same way, then took th epath up the hill to the big trail. Ran that all the way to the vegetation boundary next to 2 and followed the boundary into the control. Probably would have been faster to run the road, but the dark green between the edge of the field and the control scared me.
3. Followed the vegetation boundary out to the small trail to the east, and started running that up the hill. Quickly realized that I didn't want to go up the hill, and so I cut off and contoured in. The vegetation was pretty obvious so I used that to attack in.
4. +01:00Straight up the hill through the nasty green to the trail. Ran it down to the trail junction and then up to the right and attacked off the corner of the trail. Got a bit lazy and didn't take an accurate bearing and just started running towards the control. Got to the area where I expected to see it and realized that I wasn't sure if I was right or left. Fortunately the visibility was good and I was quickly able to pick up the houses in the distance and realized I was north of the control. I ran into the second dot knoll and attacked off of that one. I was just totally lost focus on the trail, and went into the control without any concentration. I guess I got a bit lucky with my quick relocation, but I still lost too much time.
5. Over the hill top and followed the shallow reentrant down to the trail. Was looking for the double boulders along the way but never saw them. Then straight across the trail, and started looking for the next double boulders, but didn't see those either. I guess I should have started to get a bit worried, but I felt pretty confident about my location so I attacked in anyway and spiked it right on. I don't know what was up with those boulders...
6. +03:00Went straight through the green on this one and took forever. I just didn't have the motivation to really push through, and I lost a lot of time because of that. When I finally hit the second trail I was somehow east of the junction with the indistinct trail even though I had not noticed crossing the indistinct trail. I lost a couple of seconds figuring this out because I figured I had to be west of that junction. I was able to read the hillside pretty well though so I decided to cut in from there anyway. Cut down the spur and saw the big reentrant on the west of the control. Then started to look in the one on the east before realizing that the one with the control was farther down the spur in between the other two. Just bad map reading going into this control. It was really hard to pull the focus back after the long slog through the green.
7. +00:15Cut straight east down the hill and across the stream and started going up the hill on the other side. Got a bit confused because I didn't see the trail right away, but I decided to keep pushing up the hill and came across it higher than it is mapped. Ran that down to the junction and attacked off the rootstock.
8. Straight out to the little trail, then up to the road and up the next little trail on the other side. Cut off at the rootstock and just slowly slogged up the hill towards the control. Could see it from a ways away.
9. Straight through the green to the top of the hill then down to the reentrant just west of the line. Used that to attack the edge of the green slash where the trail hits it, and then ran the edge of the slash into the control.
10. Cut out to the large green stripe with the trail in the middle of it, crossed that and slowly climbed up the hill diagonally to the big trail. Ran that to the big rootstock on the right and attacked the next little trail from there. Lost concentration on the long boring climb between the two trails and just sort wandered in the right direction until I realized that the hill was flattening out and I still hadn't hit the trail. From there it was just due east across the trail to the big boulders and down into the control.
11. Up to the big trail and ran that until about 100 meters before the junction with the little indistinct one and cut in. The white woods were pretty nasty there and I got stuck in some thorns for a couple seconds but I still think it was faster than running all the way to the junction. From there it was just an easy run down the reentrant to the control.
12. Along the western edge of the reentrent to the big green stripe and ran the trail in the middle of it to the big trail. Took the big trail across the stream and cut straight up to the control from there.
13. +00:30Stayed a little high out to the big trail above the control, and started to cut up to the little trail above that one but the green was so thick I had to give up and bail back to the first trail. Tried it again a little bit later and only managed to cut the corner to the next big trail.
F. Weee...

Total Time Lost - 00:04:45

Split Analysis

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