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Race Evaluation

DVOA Nolde: Red

Tom O

1. +00:30Took the left hand route down the road to the parking lot then the trail. Thought this would be a safe route but I still overshot it a little.
2. Climbed to the park entrance road and ran it to the bend then through the yellow to the veg boundary and up.
3. Took the right hand trail and followed it to the junction then straight in.
4. Took the No.1 (lower) trail to the junction then up the small trail to clear the green. Compass and pace to the control. Hit it slightly low but saw it pretty quickly. This is a tricky area. I'm not sure the map's quite right in here.
5. Three choices on this one (L, R, straight). I decided to go straight since the woods were nice and the contours pretty much funneled you into the control. A fun leg.
6. Went straight on this and it was slow going zigzagging up the hill through the green (which was really a mix of medium and dark). I wasn't sure exactly where I was when I topped the hill but figured I'd dive into the white woods and discern my position from the contours. As it turned out, I was right on line and nailed it. A little lucky maybe. In retrospect, I think the wide trail route to the right may have been quicker - much less climb and no green to thrash through.
7. Straight. Saw the first rootstock and followed the green wall in.
8. Trails to the bend in the small trail then compass.
9. Did not want to do another climb through green so went right to the ride (which was a little overgrown). Followed the ride up and over then a bit past the trail crossing before angling over to the control. This was where I nearly scalped myself on a tree.
10. Bleeding pretty badly as I left 9. Backed out the same way I came in and picked up the trail that basically follows the contours. When I reached the rootstock, I moved into the woods to cut the trail corner and conserve climb.
11. Back out to the north-south trail then took the right hand (major) trail above the control. Attacked from the rootstock.
12. Down the reentrant, across the bridge and then followed the rock up to the control.
13. Contoured over to the trail and then right at the junction.
F. Full speed down the trail. I must have looked pretty bad to the finish crew - didn't realize the left side of my head was covered in blood till I went into the park bathroom to clean up.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:30

Split Analysis

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