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Race Evaluation

ROC Genesee Valley Park: Sprint


1. +00:45Found the rigth re-entrant. I did not see the flag from like probablt 5 yards, decided it was wrong re-entrant and popped out to discover that it was the right one later
2. +00:45Got close enough but did not dare to look further because of the changed undergrowth. This is the spot where Tim caught me
3. +00:20Tim and I had different rout choices. First of all I was looking on top of the bridge but flag was under. Then when I slid under the bridge I did not see flag from about 5 yards again.
4. Running leg
5. +00:10Just before control little bit of hesitation
6. +00:05Hesitated again. Pretty much run behind Tim.
7. +00:05Tim and I had different route choises to the flag but we met at the flag. Little hesitation just before flag
8. Tim exited flag in wrong direction. I ended up in front of him and kept him behind since that point.
9. Pure running leg. Tried to put distance between me adn Tim. Saw Mike making mistake on return from the flag
10. Running leg again except there was choice to go left or right. I chose to go right. Tim still behind
11. No brainer. Tried to run fast to recover minute I lost to Tim
F. Run, Forest, Run

Total Time Lost - 00:02:10

Split Analysis

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