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Race Evaluation

OCIN Sprints: Sprint 1


1. +00:10Attacked off the building, but saw someone coming the other direction who jumped into the woods at the ditch. Even though I knew it wasn't my control I reacted immediately and jumped in too before I could stop myself. Then back out and around the corner of the green into the boulder.
2. Ran all the way around the white and attacked from the north.
3. Over the bridge on the road and straight in.
4. +00:10Attacked off the black x but hit the ditch too high and had to drop in.
5. +00:20Hit the spurt to the west, saw the big earth bank but didn't see the control. I quickly double checked my map and decided it must be on the very top of the earth bank. I should have taken a closer look at it before going in, and I definely should have looked at the description which stated "on top" before looking for the control.
6. Attacked off the black x.
7. Strayed a little left until I hit the path so that I knew which side of the control I was on. Then spiked it right on.
8. Just straight across the field. Attacked it a little low as it was hard to get into the woods off the field.
9. Got a little bit confused coming out of 8, but pushed through the field area anyway because I could read the woods on the other side pretty well. Ended up hitting the earth bank and attacking off of that.
10. Straight across the stream to the trail and followed that in.
11. +01:00Went straight off the trail-road junction but the terrain didn't look quite like I expected it to. The contours seems really wrong, because I thought I attacked off the little formline hill but I ended up hitting the swamp to the northwest. I tried to convince myself that it was only the stream and started cutting up to the west before realizing that I had to be way too far to the west. From there it was just a straight shot it.
F. Weee...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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