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Race Evaluation

OCIN Sprints: Sprint 1


1. Bad map reading
Got confused a bit by a nearby control and jumped into the woods too soon.
2. +00:10Took the left route to stay in the open. Could probably save some time going straight up the ditch.
3. Right to the road, crossed bridge, then straight.
4. Slightly right to stay in the open pass the electrical box. Got slowed down in the green a bit. Might save some time to go all the way to the ditch before entering the green.
5. Slightly left crossing near the stream bend. Saw the control before climbing up the slope. Also caught sight of a control in the adjacent reentrant.
6. Pretty straight, between the buildings, pass the manmade object, and into the woods. Was maybe 5m to the right of the control.
7. No attack point
Lacked confidence
Didn't see the easier left/right route along the open, so went straight. The runnability wasn't terrible. I just wasn't very confident due to a lack of attackpoint. Slowed down and hesitated quite a bit until I hit the trail.
8. Did not follow plan
Bad map reading
Got on the trail and into the open. The plan was to go straight from field corner to #8, but in the midst of running fast I relaxed on my map reading too much. Instead of aiming for the field edge just E of 8 I drifted way right toward the sculpture/monument. I soon corrected myself before crossing the road but still ended up one reentrant too far E of the control. Got to it in a round about way. Also of note is that the control stand was down on the ground when I got there. I made a failed attempt to stand it back up before continuing with my race.
9. Went right around the fences and got to the stream just N of the control. Caught a glimpse of it and went around to the bend. The mapping isn't so accurate here, as I believe the stream bend to be a tad further S than what's shown on the map.
10. Across the stream and ran the trail to the root stock.
11. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Ran too fast
Not thinking clearly
Didn't have time to look ahead, and for some reason I also didn't see the trail (on the map or in the terrain) heading N out of 10. So ran in the general direction to 11, but drifted terribly left. My only saving grace was catching the big trail W. I slowed down, figured out where I was, then ran the trail N till it ended and took a bearing to 11.
F. Bad route choice
Perhaps still not recovered from my momentary braindead, I took a bad route choice - right, to road just SW of bridge, instead of the straight approach, crossing the stream into the open.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:17

Split Analysis

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