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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Blue day 2


1. after yesterday's disaster I was just going to have a clean run, even if I had to walk the course. Took the safe route up the reentrant to the left to the swamp.
2. +00:30straight making sure I see the swamp and flat green reentrant. Hit the big rock just past circle, no big deal -- happy to get thru the first two controls safely
4. Bad route choice
I thought about the trail but went pretty much straight and just got hung up in too many rocks. Trail seems obvious choice now
5. spike
6. spike
7. spike
8. spike
9. spike
10. spike - I was feeling alot better about things today
11. +01:00started drifting off to the right and actually managed to realise it and do something about it before a major disaster
12. easy one
13. Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Disturbed by others
hard one. Caution light did not go off in my head that I should be careful on this one. Another runner who I mistook for someone I should be faster than blew by me and I worried about them rather than the map. Would have been a 2 minute error had I took the time to relocate early, but figured I'd recognize something. Ended up relocating off of 14. There goes a pretty good run down the tubes in one slip of concentration.
15. Used the green. Although I thought the map was incredibly well-done throught, I felt the knolls in here were not right, and felt the pine trees could have used a veg boundry symbol
18. left trail

Total Time Lost - 00:23:00

Split Analysis

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