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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Green 1


1. Took trail to reentrant
2. +04:00Went in the rocky saddle without much confidence. Angled down the spur without a plan or attack point and didn't recognize the reentrant the control was in. Went too far and then came back even with the huge rocky knoll across the big reentrant. From there, I read the bare rock into the control.
3. Unhappy with the climb.
4. Attacked from the rocky reentrant after taking the trail part of the way.
5. Up the spur to the saddle, then down the reentrant on the other side till it turned. Had a rough bearing and was slightly left.
6. Checked off the aspens on my right, read contours more than compass.
7. Ran down to avoid reentrants and was delighted to find a little path. After the end of the rocky hill, I read the reentrant I was going up.
8. +03:30Crossed the marsh nicely and came up the hill right on the red line, to the left of the long bare rock with the knoll. Then I saw Marty on my right and got pulled that way, even though I know he's not on my course. I wasn't reading the vegetation well, and when I noticed how subtle the contours were, I should've slowed down to read them. Went all the way to the big reentrant, wandered a little, came back to the boulder by the bare rock, and found my control from there. Frustrated to get lost in an open field.
9. Boy was this an intimidating leg! I chose to go right to avoid the rocks. It ended up being less climb than left, although it was hard to have all the climb concentrated into the last 250-some meters. Checked off the boulder in the field by the marsh, ran up the reentrant with the two boulders, then over to the big reentrant and to the knoll. It was exhausting, and I was relieved not to have messed it up.
10. I may've set my compass, but the contour features, tip of the aspen grove, and boulder made it unnecessary.
11. Saw Sam behind me. Started following Eric Bone, but he had a different control. Checked off reentrant Junction right before hill, ran to top. Sam caught me at the go control, but I punched sloppily and didn't let her pass me in the chute. This reminded me that I should be running harder at the end when I have nobody to push me.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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