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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Night-O - Red


1. +01:15Stayed in the reentrant until the woods, then along the left side of it to the rocks. I first saw the rocks lower so I went there and hunted first. Discovering it to be the bottom, I had to climb up.
2. Ran too fast
Could not relocate
I saw people going straight across the first reentrant. I ran around it to the left. I must have over corrected as I drifted right and missed the crescent line of rocks and trees that would have taken me to the control. A bubble in my compass, the hard to see thin light blue north/south lines and the sloping terrain contributed to being off. I knew something was wrong but with nothing in the open field to relocate on I kept going to just before where I saw the fence. I figured two very obvious depressions on a ridge near the fence would be visible but they weren't on the map. I went further, saw the road intersecting the fence, then soon knew what happened--I was about 700m east of the control. I followed the ridge right to it after that.
3. Bad distance judgement
I ran straight intending to turn left along the trees to the road. I hit the line of trees a bit further right of where I expected. It seemed to take a long time going left along them and I still didn't see the road. I turned back a bit to a cow path and decided to just cross through the trees. I found that I hadn't gone far enough as I hit an extra ridge. Dropping along this to the large boulder along the road, I ran in the valley seeing headlamps far ahead. I cut left at a clearing and emerged just east of the control. One of the headlamps was moving away to the right and distracted me a bit before I went left to the control.
4. Bad map reading
I ran straightish, crossing to the right side of the first reentrant and running along it. I passed one and was gaining on the headlamps ahead. Crossing the road, I watched my bearing but was a bit right. I interpreted some light green on the map to be sage which I saw to my right. This made me go right again when I hit the bottom of the reentrant before the control. Someone started following me. I realized I needed to cross the reentrant and did as it cleared. At this point, I was 300m west of the control. I ran along the trees before realizing for sure what I'd done. I beat the guy who had been following, to the control and others were close behind.
5. Not thinking clearly
Lacked confidence
I ran straight on a bearing slightly to the right. Being followed, I tried to keep up the pace. As I neared, I saw people running left to right and a control. I started doubting my bearing and ran toward the control I'd seen earlier. I didn't see it as I got closer so the reflection could have been something else. I kept going, expecting to see it and trying to make the terrain fit. By this point, I'd run 250m away from the control. I went right to it upon coming back. This was frustrating and reflects my lack of recent racing.
6. +00:30I went a bit north early to use a safer route and avoid some rocks. I hit the road just south of the bend and turned left. After passing the trees, I cut right across the fields and some rocks which helped me keep on track. I passed Sharon Crawford (whom I'd seen earlier when running back to #5) and then things stopped looking correct. A clearing didn't seem to be on the map. I was in the rough open NW of the control. By stopping, I was able to look around, see the control and get there with Sharon near behind. I was surprised to find such a huge boulder.
7. I ate a Gu before leaving and Sharon caught-up. Sharon went elsewhere. Going straight, I crossed some ridges and somehow picked-up someone who was almost able to keep pace near behind. I crossed the road at the gap and felt good going downhill. I ran right of straight so as not to drop too far into the reentrant. I read some rocks on the large hill SE of the control and moved-in quickly to spike it. The person who was trailing disappeared but someone else converged just behind me from the bottom of the reentrant.
8. +00:10I ran straight but had drifted right a little. Seeing a wide and wet marsh, I cut right to find a better way. Giving this up, I plunged across getting both feet wet and a bit heavy. I kept a bearing right of straight on purpose after this to aim off and follow the reentrant in. I passed the control slightly, seeing it behind me as I kept running. I thought the angle of the reentrant to be a little off.
9. I stayed in the reentrants and spiked it.
10. The woods leaving #9 were a bit thicker than expected. I passed someone who was going in circles and had to force myself to keep a good bearing when the hill steepened in 2ft. tall junipers. Finally breaking free, I kept a steady but slow pace up to the fence and spiking the Go control.
F. I ran in pushing a little but not all out. It felt good to do so since I hadn't been doing any speed training in a long time. I hadn't done much running lately so just keeping this pace up (for the whole race, not just the run-in) felt like a victory for me. I think if I'd been here for the beginning of the 1000 day that I would have been less likely to make the errors that I did. I got progressively better with the last third being fairly accurate. It was also nice not to have the altitude seem to affect me much. I'd flow-in from near sea level earlier the same morning. With the time zones, my start time had effectively been midnight for me.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:40

Split Analysis

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