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Race Evaluation

US Night Champs: Blue Night - O


1. The run.
3. +01:30My battery pack became untied. I spent about 1:30, stopped, to secure it once and until the end of the run.
5. No attack point
Bad route choice
I did not see the reentrant junction, went up without a clear idea where I was, and spent some time circling. I should have gone on the indistinct trail instead of the map-boundary road to begin with.
7. There was a giant unmapped road on top of the hill. It confused me.
9. Bad map reading
I made an error, going one small spur too far.
10. +03:00I bounced off a rocky spur but missed. I saw a lone light, it was searching. I turned around and searched, too. I found a lone boulder. There was only one lone boulder on my map near the control. I turned and found the control.
11. I was clean from here on. The owner of the lone light (Jan) followed me through the end of the course.
13. I saw the control but doubted it was mine. It was.
14. I'm very proud of my route. It is only 2 contours more climb than the minimum, and is all runnable.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:30

Split Analysis

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