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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Green Day 3


1. Really fine leg, Felt good moving, and read the hill on the right fine to the reentrant and over to the knoll. Feeling pretty spiffy.
2. +13:30On compass, passing Janet Tryson and Megan Donohue, between green patches, and - nothing there. Checked a variety of areas, saw some red runners, found a boulder with a streamer but no control, and eventually found my #13, which informed me enough to go back and get it. Really frustrating!
3. +02:00Up on the spur and along the side to the circle, but then fussing around looking at all the rock blobs and not finding the control until Janet showed up again.
4. Behind Walter Siegenthaler, but this was an easy control anyway. Just straight, ticking off the spur and knoll before this one and expecting it.
5. Nice route choice leg. Some folks went left. I went right and up the reentrant between the big rocks. Mary Jo was leaving as I approached, and Walter got there the same time, coming from the other side.
6. Down the broad yellow spur to the small slot to cross the marshy green and then along the trail - yellow control, really.
7. Straight, then crossed at reentrant and under the cliffs. Through yellow patch and on compass. Punched just behind Mary Jo.
8. On compass, until Mary Jo mentioned she could see the big rocks up above, then a bit easier. Just climbed until I got there, watching the reentrant.
9. Still with Mary Jo, around right side of big rocks and through reentrant and in. Walter showed up again from the other side.
10. Down the reentrant. Walter passed about halfway there and we went down the spur. Carl Childs leaving as we arrived.
11. Left around the rocks and then straight. Carl off in the distance, and apparently I'm ahead of Walter for a while, but he passed me in the last little bit and I punched not far behind him and Carl.
12. Back to the reentrant and speedy down the side of the green patch. Nice leg.
13. Went by #2 - not the best route, but familiar!
14. Chasing Ryan Breseman, but not catching him. Moving pretty well here.
F. Still chasing Ryan in vain.

Total Time Lost - 00:15:30

Split Analysis

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