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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash: Blue day 2


1. Start time was 6:52 AM, and it was still pretty dark under the hemlocks.
2. +01:30Just after passing south of marshes, I had no idea where I was, but I continued on and things made sense again. Pretty lacking in confidence when I was getting close, though.
4. +02:00Not a very good route. Should have gone on the flats to the left of the line, but instead contoured to the right (trail didn't seem worth the trouble). Slow getting around Incredible Pond, slow moving along hillside.
6. +02:00Got to the right spot, but thought I was looking for the boulder. Reattacked from wall end, and was about to conclude that there was a problem when I looked at the clues and saw that it was on the dot knoll. Doh!
11. Control was on the ground, took a moment to tie it up, sort of.
12. Initially turned wrong way on trail. Stopped to write note to vetter about #11, and forgot to punch watch.
13. +01:00Had a tiny bit of trouble finding the crossing, tyhen headed out into confusion. Los contact in the blandness, and just kept going, figured I'd eventually reach the lake if nothing else. After running for what felt like an eternity, I finally relocated (somehow) on a boulder just NE of the circle.
15. +01:30Overshot to trickle and had to go back.
16. +01:00Hit the campground road, and came up from the corner.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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