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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Blue 1


1. Left around the rocky hills
2. +02:30Got way to low and ended up hitting the trail east of the control
3. Don't remember.
4. Pretty much straight
5. straight
6. Went right of line. Hesitated some one the approach.
7. Cross the marsh where it was convenient. then pretty much straight with some minor contouring.
8. +01:20Went way to high and ended up looking in the wrong spot. Finally dropped back down and got there as same time as Dan Schablin (on red course).
9. +15:00I screwed up. I knew where I was but right aroung the control I off one reentrant. Went treasure hunting at that point. I just kept trying to relocated without any luck. Crossed several trails without seeing them. It was bad. Finally found a control and it wasn't mine. I continued on and finally found a control. It was our number 10. I was several hundred meters off by now. Try to get back to nine and still ended up way off but was able to codrrect this time. Passed Dave Pruden who was on his way to 10 (he started 4 minuted behind me).
10. Back to 10 the correct way this time.
11. Pretty much straight. Up and over all the reentrants.
12. straight.
13. straight
14. Took the road around but didn't take it all the way to the hill.
15. Caught back up to Dave Pruden
20. Dave out ran me up the hill

Total Time Lost - 00:18:50

Split Analysis

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