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Race Evaluation

US Classic Champs: Green S Day 2


1. +02:00Mistakes almost too numerous to recall on this course and I didn't keep good splits but... Not sure where I was when I hit the road so ran up to the sharp right turn then the left and went in from there.
2. +07:00Major lost time. My attack points weren't distinct enough for me to find so got completely confused about where I was near 2. Tried to relocate in the big re-entrant to the east, failed, then relocated sucessfuly from the northern road.
3. No major problems but still not dead on.
4. Finally a decent leg. Hit road, went left and up other road, into re-entrant till big rocks ended, then NE to control.
5. +01:30Did well until I got on the hill where the control was and wasn't sure which rock stuff was mine.
8. +04:00Again, stayed in contact until I got to the right hill and within the circle and then just couldn't find the right rock stuff.
11. +03:00Poor route choice but in contact. My hand hit a cactus while climbing a bank so lost some time pulling out thorns.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:30

Split Analysis

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