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User Profile: garcia700

Real name: Carrie
Birth year: 1967

Primary sport: Adventure Racing
Location: Saint Paul, MN

Training Log: entries this week: 0; total: 89

My name is Carrie (garcia700) and I am married to Tom (delaney). I have been an athlete all my life. Running, swimming and gymnastics are some of the events I grew up participating in. I continued to run and swim on and off in my 20's and 30's.
In the last decade I became very interested in Yoga and started to move away from running. Yoga has helped to be both strong and flexible. Yoga has also helped me to go without injury in some of the other athletics that I do.
Over the past year, I've incorporated more weight training into my exercise, began hula hooping to strengthen my core and recently thought about adventure racing. With the encouragement from my husband, I will be doing a 10K Mud Run in the fall of 2010.
This log serves as a testimony of my journey into continued fitness and adventure racing.


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