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R Foot, Ankle Sprain

2005-11-04 – 2005-12-05

Grade: 3

Night-O at Wirth Park. Leading the pack through 10 controls, was jogging down a wide trail while reading the map and stepped halfway into a dried tire rut. Had to DNF the race.

Immediate compression, and lots of ibuprofen. Kept a tight compression bandage on for 4-6 days, with only occassional unwrapping to let it breathe and to shower. Also started with 800 mg ibuprofen and took 400mg every 6 hours for 72 hours. After 2 weeks, able to walk at normal pace and gait. The goal was to fight swelling both internally and externally. Recovered in time to have a good run at the Possum Trot, but I'm consistently using an Active Ankle now. Recovery is a known variable, what I don't like about ankle problems is the increased potential for reinjury as the ligaments are stretched and damaged.