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L Lower Leg, Achilles Tendonitis

2011-06-13 – 2011-12-25

Grade: 2

Not sure of diagnosis but left achilles is still quite sore at times - morning, after sitting for awhile - particularly if sitting with foot straight. Running is out of training program. Have not seen anyone (yet). Working to stretch it often.

8/31/11 - Night splint helping a ton. Still not running, but very good improvement.

9/21/11 - test run tonight at moderate pace to test the tendon after working with Sue at length to get it ready for running again. Preliminary report is that it is not nearly healed. Fair bit of stiffness and pain after sitting for an hour just like original injury. Will schedule more PT appointments now!

9/25/11 - the pain quickly subsided, but it is still clearly an issue. Will continue with split and rehab for at least a few weeks before trying to run on it again.

Officially considering this healed. Still have a small amount of pain at start of run and immediately after, but it is not significant and does not keep me from doing anything.