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L Knee, Ligament tear

2011-07-05 – 2012-04-03

Grade: 3

Behind left knee, inside. Niggling after BGR, twanged trying to jump at an exercise trail at Camore. Sore on extension and twisting.

Almost resolved by 6-day. Ok on day 1, niggling on 2, sore on 3 and rest day, v.sore on 4 and unusable in 5.

Physio diagnosed tight hmstring as cause, damage to hamstring. Stetching. Ver slow revoery over 6 week.

Something odd with tendons catching and jumping over one another. Physio never saw anything like it before. Prescribes stretching. No change there then.

Feels like a ligament problem. Catching, plus loss of stability partly due to stabbing pain on straightening.

Wideranging soreness over w/e 7/8/11 gradually retreating to original position.

Physio 9/8/11: problem is the lowest end of the hamstring. Hamstring weak and tight, stretching required. No running.

Physio 16/8/11: no change. No improvement.
feels absolutely fine cycling, 90% walking, but twists and bends in running are v.painful.

Running again early October. Still not right, wont bend well, but not aggravated by runs.

Secondary effect - major muscle wastage in left calf.

Xmas. Still sore first thing am, need to stretch it out, and generally achey through the day. But no longer inhibiting running.

End Feb. Still niggling. Stiff to extend in the mornings.

Mid Mar. Occasionally stiff am. Significant muscle wastage still in calf. Big non-muscle lump (15cm x 7cm) Varicosity?

Close off this one. Just occasionally need to stretch carefully first thing in the morning. Move calf to separate injury.