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R Lower Leg, Other

2011-09-18 – 2011-10-10

Grade: 3

9/25/11 - Tibialis anterior tendonitis or strain.
Feeling of creaky, sticky motion inside muscle = crepitus. Very painful to walk. Painful to the touch. Ice, elevation, and ibuprofen. Suspect sticky cleat as the cause. The right cleat has been jammed with limited freedom to float fully. Will get this fixed and see if that helps.

I'm calling this a Grade 3 for now as I could not ride today if I wanted to. We'll see if it feels better quickly or maintains a Grade 3 this week.

10/10/11: not really completely convinced I'm healed, but I do know that efforts of an hour +/- are no longer a problem. This injury was a function of bad pedal and duration, not intensity. I will consider this injury healed with the anticipation that I need to slowly increase duration over the next couple of weeks to see how the leg responds.