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R Foot, Other

2009-11-07 – ?

Grade: 1

Damaged my right big toenail at Mount Masochist. Shoes were too small and all the downhill running jammed the toenail against the shoe. Should have trimmed the nail before the race.

Didn't realize the nail was going to fall off until Christmas 2009. Secured it on as long as possible. Old nail fell of in early January 2010. Had it looked at and got some advice to try and keep it from being in grown. Either it was too late or the doctor didn't help enough because sure enough it grew in.

Had the nail removed on February 10. I was already sidelined from tearing my hamstring. This just added to the list. The pain i had for the days following having the nail pulled was some of the most pain I felt. Hurt just to have Katie touch the toe. Any movement of the toe was pain. Lots of blood and used epsom foot baths to help.

Continued with epsom baths to keep skin soft. Eventually was given some cream to help keep the skin soft. This worked well but dont remember the name.

Races made life difficult for the nail. The nail would get really dirty and would have to be trimmed back. By the time it grew back to were it was I raced again. So no progress over the summer. Plus impact to the uncovered toe was uncomfortable. See Calleva river swim.

After the 2010 race season I had some time to let the nail grow in more. Podiatrist had me use Formula 3 to get rid of and prevent fungus under the toe. This worked well.

Nail was pretty well grown in by Spring 2011. But race season hindered progress again. With race season over it is almost completely regrown with little to no fungus still growing out.

By the start of 2012 race season the nail was full grown but not in great condition. Fungus comes and goes and the end of the nail is thick.

9/22/12 Went for a night run on the rollercoaster with Kristin. She fell and got a piece of rock stuck in her hand and infected. I stubbed my toe real bad. Didn't seem like there was blood underneath because the whole nail is slightly dark from fungus. Went to a podiatrist. She suggested removing it but I rejected that with both Nationals coming up. She said there was blood under there and relieved the pressure. This made all the difference in the world. Podiatrist still recommended removing nail as it is in bad shape and that was probably the reason for the injury.

9/29/12 Major impact to my toe from my riverboarding flipper. Constant banging it against the flipper. That added to a blister under my pinkie toenail made my foot painful. I was able to drain the pinkie the next day. My big toe felt better as well but was clearly not in good shape.

After USARA it seemed that my big toe might be falling off. Not a surprise after the trauma it took at CPT. Decided to get it pulled after the PHT 50k

11/10 Podiatrist pulled my nail. She said it was going to come off anyway but removing it would help the new nail grow better. She guaranteed it would not be as painful as the last time. The nail came off super easy and she actually said there was a little ingrown piece on the right side. Toe was a little painful that day but I took it easy.

11/11/12 Spent the day walking around NYC with little to no pain. Mostly just concerned with keeping the bandage secure.

11/15/12 Toe seems fine. There was a little bleeding for the first couple of days but that went away

11/17/12 Missed my appointment with the podiatrist to pick up a new puppy. Gave her a call instead. She said to just go to another podiatrist and make sure it isn't infected. Did so and he said it was fine.

12/9/12 Broke my toe. Thought I initially had just hurt the nail but turned out broken. Toe is very swollen and I am a little concerned this will affect the growing of the nail.

Want to go back to the podiatrist and have her assess the nail post swelling.

2/6/13 Finally got to the podiatrist. The nail stopped growing in one corner and there was fungus. Dr. trimmed the nail so it would grow better and said the fungus wasn't good and suggested laser treatment to kill it and then continue with topical treatments (Formula 3 and Urea 40). Laser was interesting. Hoping the toe will be grown by Rev3 (middle April)

Pulled the right half of the nail off. It was apparently damaged but only regenerated on the right. The new nail seems to be doing well and is quite a ways along. Wondering if the damage was from when I ran down Homeplace in the dark and kicked a big rock. Wasn't too bad but was sore for a day or two.

Stubbed my bad toe. Broken or sprained and likely significant damage to the nailbed. Was able to finish the run with moderate pain but it increased significantly after I stopped. Tylenol helped manage pain but had to max it out. Toe is swollen and bruised with a line under the nailbed. Icing frequently and warm water to try to draw out any blood from under nail.
8/16/16 Went to podiatrist. No break but nail completely disconnected from matrix. He pulled the nail. He wouldn't burn the matrix in this condition. He suggested Lamisil.
8/17/16 Major pain again overnight and into the day. Throbbing whenever foot isn't elevated. Taking pain medication, icing and elevating.
8/20/16 Slowly backing off pain med but feels better with it. Not much pain without it.
8/22/16 Toe feels fine except for a small line of red at the bottom of the nail bed. Dr says it is residual fluid and no worry.
8/23/16 Toe not noticeable during normal activity.
8/24/16 Back to riding. Toe a little uncomfortable/tight in shoe but otherwise fine.

Damaged big toe nail during green Corn Moon. Stubbed it on a root while running on a trail. It started feeling progressively worse during the race and I couldn't run as fast up or down hills and had to adjust. Quite painful after the race. Had to release the fluid but it just filled back up again.
Toenail still in pain and seems to have filled up with fluid again. There is also clearly redness around the nail so I can almost guarantee it is coming off. Taking tylenol to ease the pain.
Podiatrist immediately recommended pulling the nail to avoid infection but also agreed that would be the best plan moving forward as well. He said the nail was mostly separated from the nail bed already.
Walking normal
8/14/21 Riding and 8/16/21 running