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R Knee, Ligament tear

2008-02-12 – 2008-04-11

Grade: 3

Got taken out last Tuesday night at soccer by some asshole that didn't know that sliding isn't allowed in indoor, nor did he even know how to slide tackle. He landed on my lower leg, pushing my knee in, partially tearing my MCL. Doc says I shouldn't do anything stupid (like play soccer) for 6-8 weeks. After a week, it doesn't feel much better and i'm hobbling around all gimpy. Albeit without crutches, so that's good. but no ice climbing, soccer, running, biking, skiing, hockey and even frisbee with Loki hurts. damn.

Finally!! I think I'm nearly recovered. I went on a real run last night, so I'm considering that to mean I'm recovered. I still won't play soccer (maybe never again!) and any activities will be with a bit of caution for a while at least. Man, i thougth I would never get over this.. excellent..!!!