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Sick, Other

2008-08-06 – 2008-08-27

Grade: 3

After coming back from WUOC in Estonia, began experiencing intense headaches (I never have headaches), stomach flu, full body aches, etc. Had to go to the ER and hospital and regular doctor during my 12 days of leave, and then to the West Point KACH ER and MCHC when I returned to West Point for ReOrgy and school.

13 blood test, a CAT scan, X-Rays, stool samples, morphine, vicatin, doxycycline, a Spinal Tap, and 3 weeks later, I am getting better from what doctors have "pinpointed" as a severe viral infection, although what virus is still unknown. However, I am beginning to feel a lot better and stronger, hopefully this will continue.

I think it just needed time to work itself out of my system...I feel much better now, although now I feel pretty weak from about 3 weeks of limited activity, and I've lost about ten pounds.