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Training Log Archive: BrandNewMe

In the 7 days ending Mar 31:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Trail running4 2:17:15 14.65(9:22) 23.58(5:49)
  Orienteering - race2 2:04:49 10.25(12:11) 16.5(7:34)
  Road running3 1:13:13 9.46(7:44) 15.22(4:49)
  Total8 5:35:17 34.36(9:45) 55.3(6:04)

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Sunday Mar 31 #

2 PM

Orienteering - race 1:26:43 [3] 6.85 mi (12:40 / mi)

SOL 2 Brown

Tables were turned today as Ray started 4 mins after me. Uphill start, open fell, he was always going to reel me in. A few mins mistake at 3 and he got me. 4 was an epic trudge with not much route choice / thinking, and I asked Ray if I could jack, because I really, really wanted to with every pore of my body. He thought it would be bad form, and I should continue so he could beat me officially (which was a good point), so I kept going, dutifully trudging around. So. Totally. Exhausted. Took a gel at 10-ish and should have taken it earlier as it made me feel better, but there was pretty much just downhill to go when it kicked in. Pleased to survive the gel as it went out of date exactly 3 years ago.

I think two open areas (CSC and this) is my fill for the year.

Saturday Mar 30 #

2 PM

Trail running 10:31 [3] 0.77 mi (13:40 / mi)

Warm up

Orienteering - race 38:06 [3] 3.4 mi (11:12 / mi)

Very first Scottish Middle Champs

Got to try to win it. Ray starting 2 mins in front. Colin 6 mins. Starter triedto set Fraser p off in between us. I objected at that. I am not a fan of running with others at the best of times, and Fraser makes me giggle too much to concentrate...

On the way to 1 I saw Ray coming out. You are going the wrong way he shouted. When I wasn’t. I knew I was right, but I am so deaf I had to stop to listen properly cause it might have been a message about the kids, so as a mother I worried and stopped to listen properly. Grrr.

Caught him at 2 where he was mucking around. Ran hard to 3 to shake him. He is a stronger runner, so he sat in and sprinted past me to punch first at the control. FFS! Did the same at 4, telling me he’d got a better split. Grr! I relaxed a bit up to 5 and let him run on and take a dubious line. Beat him. Caned it straight to 6, and thought I had lost him to 7 but when I turned to come back up the hill he was there. Picked up colin here.

To 8 it was run hard picking off the green. Not sure what the green would be but it was Rhodis. Colin and Ray got ahead in the descent (need to do more cycling to improve leg strength) and they got to the control first. I thought the contoured fitted but the rhodis didn’t. But they were under the red line. They got ahead further to 9. But to 10 they got too low. I punched first, then Ray after a bit. He chatted to colin at the control, but Colin didn’t see the control, and caned it down the hill after me and Ray, only to have to turn back after a bit. Colin dropped.

Ray got back up with me at 11 asi was really confused. On the map it was a small path to the control, but it was big on the ground. Time loss here. Caned it to 12 trying to drop Ray,13 too, but dying here. Straight to 14 which was masochistic even for me. Died to 15 and finish. Ray took 33 secs out of me here.

Could have run 1 min faster max over the whole course. Totally gutted myself. Will and Grace both had very classy runs indeed!

Massively fun course and terrain - that’s what I call Scottish Orienteering!

Friday Mar 29 #

7 AM

Road running 14:58 [3] 1.8 mi (8:19 / mi)

To work. Running too late to have more fun alas.
7 PM

Trail running 48:00 [3] 5.4 mi (8:53 / mi)

Braids and Blackford. Sofa king tired just now. This didn’t feel good.

Thursday Mar 28 #

12 PM

Trail running 38:44 [3] 4.48 mi (8:39 / mi)

Run to Blackford Hill from work and up and back. Nice sunny day.

Got an email from the JK organisers. Start times are up. I seem to have an early. What’s that all about? I thought these things were roughly done by a mix of world ranking (for world ranking events) and British ranking (last time I checked I was still top 10). Think I might have to swap courses. I know someone has to do it, but it seems like a fairly pointless waste of money to go that far to start first and not have a competitive run due to wading through piles of crap.

I have become the person I high 5 in this post. 6 day 2013, mispunched earlier in the week so first start on day 6. Area a total braken-fest:
4 PM

Trail running 40:00 [3] 4.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

To school then the crags with Laurence.

Wednesday Mar 27 #

6 AM

Road running 23:41 [3] 3.01 mi (7:52 / mi)

Meadows lap
5 PM

Road running 34:34 [3] 4.65 mi (7:26 / mi)

Along the canal. Pissed off with work so fast.

Monday Mar 25 #

(rest day)

Just exhausted all day. We have been living in a building site since mid January which is fine but makes life incrementally harder, and work has been a drudge for months now, and I have got job interviews this week, and it is all a bit too tiring sometimes. Bed at 9.

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