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Training Log Archive: mayer22

In the 7 days ending Oct 16, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Racing1 17:56:50
  Paddling3 9:04:52 36.05(4.0/h) 58.02(6.4/h) 84
  Mountain Biking5 6:52:51 56.25(8.2/h) 90.53(13.2/h) 1685
  Orienteering4 4:17:01 17.93(14:20) 28.85(8:54) 1005
  Total11 38:11:34 110.23 177.4 2774
  [1-5]11 20:14:44

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Saturday Oct 15, 2016 #

1 AM

Mountain Biking race 1:29:00 [4] 14.4 mi (9.7 mph)
shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro III

Came into the last TA 40min back of AMK so it was all but certain we wouldn't catch them. We needed to at least gain some time on the paddle. We still were determined to finish strong and smart.

The leg was a paddle along the canal with a few potentially tricky CPs. We didn't see AMK returning yet so there was still a chance they might get caught up.

I managed to nail the CP on the MTB trail and find a good exit route. We hammered the rest of the way saw WEDALI on their way out and even made up some time on AMK but still finished 30min back.

Friday Oct 14, 2016 #

9 AM

Adventure Racing race 17:56:50 [0]

USARA Nationals w/Mindy/Jon
Our first race together. I raced with each of them individually in Sept. Jon's second race back from a long break from AR and true endurance racing. Mindy exactly one year removed from giving birth to twins. My 9th out of 10 USARA races.

We had a good race overall with no major mistakes. We raced hard/fast throughout with a few minor mechanical issues that were remedied mid-race. We had strong trek legs but lost some time in a couple TAs and couldn't quite hold the pace on the final paddle.

We all had a good time and felt good about our performance. We look forward to racing together more.

Orienteering race 24:00 [4] 2.5 mi (9:36 / mi)
shoes: Salomon Speedcross Vario

We were concerned about following the crowd and having to fight to punch so we opted to break from the group. Theoretically, this was a good decision and worked well for a while but then we had trouble spotting some of the CPs towards the end of the loop (after we passed everyone going the other direction) and had very little help from the map.

In retrospect, we probably would have been better off fighting the crowd but benefiting from having more people to spot the CPs. It only cost us 5 mins which always seems like a lot at the start (and maybe was) but once we got on the water and pulled away a bit from some teams it didn't seem so bad.

Paddling race 3:55:00 [4] 15.5 mi (4.0 mph)

A long paddle to start the race. We weren't sure how long this would be with another paddle later in the race. It was longer than we thought. Fortunately, there were several opportunities to get out of the boat during the paddle. This also meant some strategy/nav involved.

We basically started out following WEDALI going CCW around the lake. At Marina we managed to take out at a better location than WEDALI and make up most of the 5 mins we were down. I think all other boats followed our lead regarding the takeout. We closed the gap to WEDALI by the next trek portion and also passed AMK and Rootstock leading the charge from the other direction. We paddled back to the TA with WEDALI just behind us the rest of the way having a little trouble spotting our portage location because of the low water level.

We had a strong paddle pace and nailed all the nav and were able to take out in 2nd place behind only AMK.

Orienteering race 1 [4] 2.25 mi ( / mi) +250ft / mi
shoes: Salomon Speedcross Vario

Trekking during the paddle.
1 PM

Mountain Biking race 1:16:00 [4] 10.4 mi (8.2 mph) +500ft
shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro III

AMK had already left on bikes so we tried to get out before WEDALI but they just saw us as we were leaving. We had a little trouble finding our trail as it was marked in a different location than the map.

Rode over to Mistletoe with some pretty significant chain skipping but not enough to be a major issue. Then I opted to take the southern route (which was a mistake) which cost us some time and once on the trail my RDer also started overshifting off the cassette which we stopped to fix a few times and also leaving me like 2 or 3 functional cogs.

I gingerly rode it into TA. We actually saw AMK a ways out from the TA already on the OCourse. WEDALI rode in at the same exact time.
2 PM

Orienteering race 45:00 [4] 3.75 mi (12:00 / mi) +240ft 11:19 / mi
shoes: Salomon Speedcross Vario

Left on the OCourse just ahead of WEDALI. Told the team to attack quietly but they saw us approach what we thought was the control. Jon helped me realize it wasn't labeled appropriately and wasn't in the right feature so we dropped down the drainage to the actual control. Was surprised to see WEDALI was now in front of us and hadn't punched the right control.
[Enter Mental Dilemma]
1 Do we tell WEDALI right away so they can go back and punch losing minimal time.
2 Do we tell WEDALI when we get back to TA again costing them some time but allowing them to still clear the course.
3 Or not tell them at all
3 was not a real option. I opted to wait until we got back. This did serve as an advantage to us as I struggled on the next CP to identify the terrain feature and had to correct when I saw WEDALI bolt off in the other direction.
We finished the OCourse pretty much together WEDALI coming into the TA just ahead of us as I alerted them of their mistake. Justin felt they probably could have gotten away with it since it was a control within 100m of the plotted location. I agree but don't think I would have risked our race on it either.

We ended up making up significant time on AMK and WEDALI managed to only lose 10 min repunching 13.
3 PM

Mountain Biking race 1:10:00 [4] 11.0 mi (9.4 mph) +550ft
shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro III

During TA I adjusted the limit on my RDer and Mindy helped me TA the rest of my stuff. As we rolled out my RDer was clipping my wheel (not good) so we stopped for another min but after shifting around a bit it seemed to fix itself. I took it easy for this next ride but everything seemed fine after that aside from some minor skipping.

We took the N route through Mistletoe on the way back which was actually planned and confirmed by the time we lost on the other route. We saw many teams coming the other way, several of them bombing down the hills right by us. We were efficient cutting the trail corners when we could.
4 PM

Orienteering race 1:12:00 [4] 4.6 mi (15:39 / mi) +165ft 15:08 / mi
shoes: Salomon Speedcross Vario

Came into TA about 10 min behind AMK and 20 ahead of WEDALI. We nailed the next Ocourse putting time into everybody. We actually spotted AMK leaving the last CP as we attacked and we came into TA while they were still there.
5 PM

Mountain Biking race 2:14:00 [4] 14.0 mi (6.3 mph)
shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro III

We were amped after seeing TA (and so were they). Struggled to clean up all our stuff at the TA and as we mounted our bikes Mindy noticed a flat which was a bit deflating after getting so close. We quickly changed it and got on our way fortunately not feeling the pressure from WEDALI behind yet.

Road the ST pretty fast and I was able to identify several opportunities to save some unnecessary trail riding. It was super smooth. Doesn't seem like we lost much time to AMK during the heart of the ST just on the first and last sections due to TAs but overall we lost 25 mins.

This ST was super fun to ride. Almost felt bad about cutting some of it out.

Stopped for water before the TA because the RD made it sound like we wouldn't have any at TA but the spigot ended up being 10m from the TA.
7 PM

Orienteering race 1:56:00 [4] 4.83 mi (24:01 / mi) +350ft 22:28 / mi
shoes: Salomon Speedcross Vario

This was a long TA. Mindy and Jon prepped some of our paddle gear while I took some extra time to look at the map. This OCourse would actually have a bit more distinct terrain.

We left the TA trying to confirm some of the roads not on the map. We ended up going CW. Attacked out of the reentrant to the second CP (29) a bit early but had a great backstop (powerline) which enabled me to adjust and reatttack "perfectly". Unfortunately, I overestimated a "reentrant" along the powerline and again attacked a bit too early. Went back to the powerline again to correctly attack the third time.

Next CP was fine but missed the reentrant to the 27 and reattacked from the next reentrant. This whole reentrant and surrounding area had been clearcut and reseeded making for slow travel. We saw WEDALI approach as we were leaving this CP. This let us know that we still had a lead on WEDALI. They told us they saw AMK but weren't sure how long ago. I wasn't holding out hope for gaining on them due to the errors but felt good about not losing time. We finished off the leg without any other problems.
9 PM

Paddling race 3:37:00 [4] 14.0 mi (3.9 mph)

We came into TA 20 min behind AMK which wasn't promising. I knew the last two legs were a bit tricky but wasn't sure that we could make up that time. Was hoping to have the lead by this point.

Lost a few min in TA and Jon and Mindy felt flat as we started to paddle. I could smell the finish line and was trying to get them excited too. Had some help from the beautiful full moon and clear night that I had been looking forward to for a month.

After a straight paddle to the first TA we had to take a small channel to the other side of a long island to attack the second CP. We nailed the land feature we were looking for but I hadn't looked at the map close enough and started trying to attack the wrong CP location. We ended up slogging through about 35m of swamp just to turn back around and do it the other way when I realized my mistake. Paddled back 80m to the CP and attacked without having to slog through the swamp.

Finished the paddle and had a few portages around dams. Took a conservative route to the first dam to ensure we didn't get landlocked.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2016 #

10 AM

Mountain Biking 43:51 [1] 6.45 mi (8.8 mph) +635ft
shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro III

Pandapas w/Zitch/Skip
Easy ride to test out the bike and test my leg.
Leg felt great. No issues at all.
Bike not so great. Lots of problems with the shifting. Tried to fix it on the trails but no luck.
Tried again when I got home with some luck. Then took it to the shop. They replaced the shifting cable and cleaned the RDer. I cleaned the drivetrain and that all seems to be helping. Still some chain suck on the small chainring. Think its time to be replaced.

R Wheel also has a flat spot so can't true it all the way.
1 PM


Jogged in street clothes to and from the bike shop and the leg was fine. Think it might have been a little more stressed if I had been running harder but should be good come race time.

Tuesday Oct 11, 2016 #

10 AM

Paddling 1:32:52 [1] 6.55 mi (4.2 mph) +84ft
shoes: Perception Swifty

Whitethorne @ 2.2ft
Waited to paddle to let it warm up. 40F overnight. Still foggy at the start. Much smoother water than last time paddling this direction. Also lower water. Easy attainment of the shelf I stopped at last time. Would have liked to keep paddling/exploring but couldn't go any longer.

Monday Oct 10, 2016 #


Skipped the track to let the leg rest.

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