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Training Log Archive: mayer22

In the 7 days ending May 19:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Racing1 12:07:48 68.85(10:34) 110.8(6:34) 8397
  Trail Running2 5:14:00 24.25(12:57) 39.03(8:03)
  MTBO1 4:40:00 32.6(7.0/h) 52.47(11.2/h)
  Paddling1 1:53:00 12.0(6.4/h) 19.31(10.3/h)
  Commuting2 1:24:00 23.25(16.6/h) 37.42(26.7/h) 2220
  Hiking1 1:04:01 1.08(59:17) 1.74(36:50) 222
  Road Running1 45:30 6.09(7:28) 9.8(4:39) 109
  TA2 20:00
  Family Run1 15:23 1.08(14:15) 1.74(8:51) 164
  HealthCare1 1
  Total9 27:43:43 169.2 272.3 11112
  [1-5]6 14:16:30

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Saturday May 18 #

9 AM

Adventure Racing race 12:07:48 [0] 68.85 mi (10:34 / mi) +8397ft 9:29 / mi

New River Rush Solo

I was a bit concerned that the race was a bit too long but after seeing what some of the 50hour teams did (using the train tracks to significantly shorten the first trek and ride the road from Arrowhead) and that the paddle was taking just under 2 hours I thought I had a chance to clear everything.

When I got my maps though I saw that the RD had cut most of the points on the first trekking leg. I asked if I could still do the full course and they agreed to let me do that. I knew I might not clear it but I also knew doing the shortened course would only take 8-9 hours (2 of which rafting) and I wanted to do a full 12 hours.

I made some mistakes particularly in the Fayetteville trails area trying to use park maps and take shortcuts. I didn't have any map with all the trails. The same was true for ACE which caused another issue. But overall I think I compensated for the lack of info in ACE pretty well.

I finished 7 minutes late and dropped 3 CPs (1 I forgot about and the other 2 would have taken 10-20 min each). I wasn't racing for a place so I didn't really care about that, just that I had a full day of training and felt good about what I got, which I fully accomplished. I worked hard throughout and felt good. Would have liked to have avoided the mistakes but that's all.

Trail Running race 27:00 [4] 3.0 mi (9:00 / mi)
shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 (DkBlue)

Run down from ACE resort to the ACE put-in.
Took it easy since getting there way in front of everybody did me no good as I had to wait for 8 people to share up to fill the raft. I just rana comfortable pace at the front of the pack. It was a nice warm-up.

Paddling race (8p Raft) 1:53:00 [4] 12.0 mi (6.4 mph)

Upper and Lower New River. Water levels were about 5 ft. Water was pretty warm which was nice and air temps were reasonably warm as well. Probably 70's by the time we finished.

Hadn't run this in a few years and it was fun.
11 AM

TA race 6:00 [4]

Quick shoe change, gear collection, and then left.

Trail Running race 4:47:00 [4] 21.25 mi (13:30 / mi)
shoes: Salomon SuperCross Black

Trekking leg. Almost entirely trail running. When I tried to shorten it with some bushwhacking is when I ran into some trouble. I went super light carrying only my waist belt and even left water at the bridge during my first loop.

I started off in Nuttallburg, Endless Wall, and the bridge. This went really well. I chose to run the train tracks first because I thought that was a better warmup than a big climb (which it was) and I was hoping for more shortcut options but I think shortcuts maybe would have been a bit better the other way (not much though).

I would have liked to have bushwhacked to the Endless Wall but it was potentially a bad choice and given I was solo the safety risk wasn't worth it. Took me 20 min to run around. I don't know that the schwack would have been much faster.

I missed the first off trail section because I didn't watch my bearing and thought the powerline cut was going to take me mostly to the point. (Lost 5min). On my way to the town park was using the trail map which was missing roads and missed a turn (Lost 5min). Then when in the trails I tried to shwack through one section and I ended up finding 2 unmapped trails 1 I quickly identified as the wrong trail but the other was on a parallel feature and I didn't realize something was wrong until I popped back out into town. Didn't know what was going on (wasn't watching my bearing closely, was eating) and had to ask someone for help with where I was.

I then plotted a new course, now through TA which meant I got to fill up water, which I definitely needed due to this error. I am guessing this error Lost 25 min. Made quick work of the descent to and climb from Kaymoor mine.

Second half of this leg took longer than expected and I was 15 min over what I thought I needed to clear the rest of the course.

4 PM

TA race 14:00 [4]

Dropped some gear and fueled up.
Also was lucky that the volunteers had a spare map for the last leg that I could have. Originally the last leg had to be completed after returning to ACE but just before the start the RD told us we could start collecting points right away. This was great news and a huge benefit but I had already sent my bike away without the map I would need. I could have carried the map with me the whole race but didn't realize my issue until I was on the raft.

MTBO race 4:40:00 [4] 32.6 mi (7.0 mph)
shoes: Viathon M1 GX

Bike leg.
Started with some MTBO on the Arrowhead trails. This was good. My pace wasn't blistering but it was nice given I was tired from the run. I plotted my course such that I could take the road to Cunard instead of the Kaymoor trail. This was definitely faster and a trick I saw from the 50Hr racers. Then a quick ride on the southside trail back to ACE.

Got to ACE with some other racers and discussed how to get to the first two points since there wasn't a trail mapped but we knew we took a similar trail on the first trek. I misunderstood the trail we took and passed right by an easily findable control. Fortunately I figured out all the other unmapped trail connections after this really well but I had to do a bushwhack back down to this point without my bike to get it (Lost 15 min).

Dropped 1 CP in the north that would have taken a significant bikewhack and bushwhack and another that was down a trail that I wouldn't have been able to ride easily. There was another point right on the lake that I could have gotten but forgot because it wasn't highlighted on the map I got from the transition staff.

Thursday May 16 #

5 PM

Family Run 15:23 [0] 1.08 mi (14:15 / mi) +164ft 12:27 / mi
ahr:101 max:120 shoes: Salomon Speedcross Pro

The loop w/Zitch/Pretzel/E

Nut chose to skip today. E did a nice job. Our pace was slower than other runs due to the hills and ruggedness but we had a good time. Ran all the way up the first hill.

Tuesday May 14 #

1 PM

Road Running 45:30 intensity: (2:29 @1) + (11:16 @2) + (23:56 @3) + (7:49 @4) 6.09 mi (7:28 / mi) +109ft 7:21 / mi
ahr:146 max:174 shoes: Salomon Sense Pro Max

Track from the library. Light rain throughout and a decent wind from the E. Made for mostly favorable conditions except I should have worn spandex instead of shorts. They got really heavy by the end.

Times were just slightly faster than last December which isn't bad since I haven't done any speed work since then.

2x800 @ 2:57
4x400 @ 1:18
4x200 @ :34
2 PM

HealthCare 1 [0]

Gastro appointment
Overall trending in the right direction and they were pleased. Anemia isn't a problem but still some response to the gluten. Could just be taking longer to adjust or that I am still being exposed.

Testing out no more Iron pills.
5 PM

Hiking 1:04:01 [0] 1.08 mi (59:17 / mi) +222ft 49:37 / mi
ahr:81 max:105 shoes: Salomon Speedcross Pro

Exploring the rainy forest w/Nut/E/Zitch/Pretzel looking for flowers.

Monday May 13 #

10 AM

Commuting 27:33 intensity: (9:22 @1) + (17:48 @2) + (23 @3) 7.68 mi (16.7 mph) +660ft
ahr:121 max:145 shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro IV

Ride in. Heavy pack.
6 PM

Commuting 56:27 intensity: (6:34 @1) + (15:47 @2) + (26:35 @3) + (7:31 @4) 15.57 mi (16.5 mph) +1560ft
ahr:141 max:171 shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro IV

Ride home. Light pack.

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