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Training Log Archive: mayer22

In the 7 days ending Jun 16:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Commuting4 2:49:55 46.44(16.4/h) 74.74(26.4/h) 3874
  Mountain Biking1 2:19:10 23.62(10.2/h) 38.01(16.4/h) 3461
  Road Running2 2:03:38 12.05(10:16) 19.39(6:23) 2239
  Trail Running2 38:15 3.26(11:45) 5.24(7:18) 582
  Total9 7:50:58 85.37(5:31) 137.39(3:26) 10156
  [1-5]9 7:50:50

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Friday Jun 14 #

9 AM

Commuting 30:58 intensity: (23:42 @1) + (7:16 @2) 7.8 mi (15.1 mph) +616ft
ahr:107 max:135 shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro IV

Ride in via a stop at the farm. Light pack.

Taking it easy.
12 PM

Road Running 1:00:25 intensity: (1:32 @1) + (51:33 @2) + (7:20 @3) 7.51 mi (8:03 / mi) +449ft 7:37 / mi
ahr:132 max:146 shoes: Asics GT-2000 4

Legs didn't feel as loose and strong as yesterday but not tired. Took a pretty comfortable pace. It was cloudy so not too hot.
5 PM

Commuting 54:19 intensity: (7:46 @1) + (31:42 @2) + (14:51 @3) 15.58 mi (17.2 mph) +1537ft
ahr:131 max:159 shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro IV

Ride home. Light pack.

Had a good climb of Happy Hollow and really crushed Sunnyside. 5th best on Sunnyside.

Thursday Jun 13 #

8 PM

Trail Running 19:34 intensity: (5:16 @1) + (11:32 @2) + (2:46 @3) 1.88 mi (10:24 / mi) +354ft 8:49 / mi
ahr:127 max:149 shoes: Salomon Speedcross 4 (DkBlue)

Homeplace w/Zitch/Pretzel
Started at sunset. Was tough to see them in the forest towards the end. They did well though. Pretzel caught a bit of a deer chase but stayed close the whole time.

Z was real tired up the last couple hills and coming in to the house.

My legs felt really loose and strong.

Wednesday Jun 12 #

9 AM

Commuting 28:48 intensity: (14:06 @1) + (12:44 @2) + (1:58 @3) 7.68 mi (16.0 mph) +594ft
ahr:122 max:150 shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro IV

Ride in. Light pack.

Front wheel flat at the start. Just swapped it out for my nicer wheel. The tire was worn anyway and needed to be swapped soon.
2 PM

Road Running 1:03:13 intensity: (40:19 @2) + (22:54 @4) 4.54 mi (13:56 / mi) +1790ft 10:09 / mi
ahr:115 max:152 shoes: Salomon Sense Pro Max

West 1x5 Doubles 6'00"
East 1x10 Double/Single 21'53"
West 1x5 Doubles 6'20"

Was eager to try the East stands and WOW they kicked my butt. My first climb I tried to do doubles the whole way and I almost made it. The steps on the last tier (above the top entryway) are much bigger so doubles are MUCH harder and they come at the end of the climb. The next 5 sets I did singles for the top tier and the last 4 I had to start walking a bit lower on the singles each time. I almost split this set in two (2x5) when I got halfway through and I think I will do that if I come back to it in the future given how slow the last 4 were. Truthfully the single stepping at the top even faster than walking doesn't seem as much of a workout but I think it is still productive given that I've gassed the legs pretty well at that point.

They were powerwashing the seats on the west side so this worked out pretty well. I only passed by them twice and made sure not to get in their way. Most of the time they weren't doing anything anyway. The second time they asked me to move but they were just standing there doing nothing. I finished the rest of my set and they barely sprayed at all the whole time I was running.
5 PM

Commuting 9:57 intensity: (8:56 @1) + (1:01 @2) 2.25 mi (13.6 mph) +145ft
ahr:107 max:127 shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro IV

Pre Commute.
Accidentally stopped watch as I was leaving the bike shop.

Commuting 45:53 intensity: (21:42 @1) + (19:40 @2) + (4:31 @3) 13.14 mi (17.2 mph) +982ft
ahr:122 max:148 shoes: Pearl Izumi X Alp Enduro IV

Commute Home. Light pack.
Rode to the bike shop to use my gift card for a new saddle bag and then rode home from there.

Tuesday Jun 11 #

4 PM

Mountain Biking 2:19:10 intensity: (1:02:10 @1) + (1:10:38 @2) + (6:22 @3) 23.62 mi (10.2 mph) +3461ft
ahr:118 max:149 shoes: Viathon M1 GX


Felt pretty good throughout. Strong climbs but a bit slow on most of the descents.

Second fastest backdoor to pipe. Had a good climb up all of Skullcap. Tire was slipping at the top though. Too much pressure? 30PSI.

Climbing Snakeroot technical section was troublesome. I was getting unclipped and my stem kept spinning on my headset. I need to ride it a couple of times to get better as well. I was over a minute off my PR from 2014 but still 3rd fastest. I think I can get close to it but not sure I can break it.

PR up Mcdonald Hollow. Beauty descent wasn't too bad. And rode in second gear at the top of Turtle.

Monday Jun 10 #

7 PM

Trail Running 18:41 intensity: (8 @0) + (2:19 @1) + (7:52 @2) + (8:22 @3) 1.37 mi (13:36 / mi) +228ft 11:45 / mi
ahr:135 max:156 shoes: Salomon SuperCross Black

The loop w/Zitch/Pretzel

They ran off a few times. PMan is pretty good at his recall but is starting to get adventurous in running off.

This was a nice off-day recovery run for me.

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