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Training Log Archive: ironqueen

In the 31 days ending Jul 31, 2005:

activity # timemileskm+m
  bike11 19:38:55 320.92(3:40) 516.47(2:17)
  run7 11:04:46 74.56(8:55) 120.0(5:32)
  swim3 1:35:00 3.11(30:35) 5.0(19:00)
  Total17 32:18:41 398.59(4:52) 641.47(3:01)

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Saturday Jul 30, 2005 #

bike hills (mtn bike on road) 2:04:00 [4] 40.0 km (3:06 / km)

Off camping with friends in Moncton. Took the mtn bikes. Sat morn we got up in search of a McDonalds (I know, but I needed eggs) and it was about 20 kms much of it straight up a hill. Of course IronKing was leading the climb. When I could stay with him on the flat areas the drafting was great. We reached a max of 46.8 kms and our average was about 20 kms/hr. It was a gorg, sunny and gently windy day. Perfect.

Thursday Jul 28, 2005 #

run hills 1:26:14 [4] 17.0 km (5:04 / km)

Cricket and I did my 17 km route in the opposite direction. Started along the #1 Hwy and up thru the woods to English mtn road. This is fun to run down in the other direction--and a real blast to chug up. I was the little train, "I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I can". Then running all the way down the gruesome Cambridge mTN road with a lovely head wind was a treat. We really ran fast and well. Both of us were still tired from last night's bike ride. Now it's off the lunch at a winery under the pergola. I train so I can eat:)

Wednesday Jul 27, 2005 #

run hills 1:20:00 [2] 13.0 km (6:09 / km)

Not a stellar day for my health. Got myself sleeping in until 9:30 so can't sleep at night. Anyhoo, took 2 gravol to sleep last night and had cramps from food yesterday (it was a rest day).

Planned to run 20 kms up the mtn. It's 36 degrees here and close. Part way up the mtn I decided to do 17 and then had to turn around at the 6.5 km mark. Just too crampy and no energy. Need to swim and run tomorrow so can't tire myself out. A bike ride with the beavers tonight too so must get better fast.

bike hills 1:09:12 [4] 30.0 km (2:18 / km)

On the bike with Cricket and Valley girl. Since we didn't have Newbie with us we coached Valley girl. I realized quickly that no one had taught her about the big sprocket and changing gears. I rode ahead or behind her all but climbing hills so I could get her to follow my cadence and change gears when I did. It was a solid ride and we kept the pace at about 30 kms/hr. Our max was 56.8 kms/hr. Some awesome hills. It was a really fun ride.

Monday Jul 25, 2005 #

bike hills 2:18:43 [4] 74.34 km (1:52 / km)

Wasn't really keen to bike today but it was sunny and Lance had won yesterday so out I set. It was cool and threatening rain so I had to move quickly. Again I chose a new route. This took me along the 221 to Canning. I stopped at ArtCan, a quaint art shoppe/cafe and art gallery overlooking the river. Had a great cup of Just Us tea.

Up to the Look Off and it started to rain so I zoomed home. By the last 10 kms it was pouring, but Lance and the boys biked days in the mtns in rain, so I just enjoyed:) Maximum 45.3 kms/hr and averaged 36.6 kms/hr. Yahoo.

Friday Jul 22, 2005 #

bike (mountain bike on road) 1:01:00 [3] 21.0 km (2:54 / km)

It's another gorgeous, sunny day here. Got to take advantage of it. Planned to bike 120 kms to Mahone Bay to meet my friend for lunch but the Beavers thought it not wise to be biking out in "Deliverance" without any company.

So, instead I took out the mtn bike and climbed my usual mtn. Found Tupper Lake Road off to the right of this road, so went on gravel around the lake and saw the beautiful cottages.

Zoomed down English Mtn at 58 kms/hr. How does Lance and the guys go over 60 kms in a tuck?

It was a fun ride and am feeling more comfortable on both seats with each time in the saddle.

Thursday Jul 21, 2005 #

swim long 38:00 [3] 2.0 km (19:00 / km)

First time I've swam 2 km straight in about 3 wks. My arms were sore from the intervals yesterday and my breathing from the biking hills last night. I kept going and got faster but overall this shows me I need 2-3 swims/wk again.

run 58:31 [3] 11.0 km (5:19 / km)

Right after swimming the 2km, I got dressed and out in 35+ degree weather to run 20 kms. Notice how I only made it 11. I was pretty much shuffling for 4 kms and then it all got better. I'm just upping all the training and trying to do more bricks. Still feel great with the level of fitness and training. My spirits are positive and I'm enjoying it.

Wednesday Jul 20, 2005 #

swim intervals 40:00 [5] 2.0 km (20:00 / km)

Haven't been focusing on my swimming at all in the last month as you can tell from my log. I've come to love it and it's now my best discipline. Since I swam 6 mornings a wk for the last 1.5 yrs, I've been focusing on the running and now biking more. Needed to speed up the running, and you know the drill on the biking.

Today was hard work. I did 20 repeats of 100metres on 2.15 minutes. The first one I did in 1.40 minutes which gave me a nice break of 35 seconds. Repeat six was 2.05 minutes so those 10 seconds barely brought down my heart rate.

Now that I'm in the 1/2 I'm going for speed. I LOVE the swimming. I just get right back in my groove.

Off for a bike ride with the beavers tonight. Yahoo. I feel strong and fit and happy. Thanks Bash (sorry, I think of you as Bent so I get confused sometimes!!)

bike hills 1:19:32 [2] 40.0 km (1:59 / km)

Biking with Cricket, Newbie and Valley Girl. Cricket has been putting the time on her new bike so she's strong and loves to cruise, but my other 2 friends are only biking once a wk with us and not comfortable on the bike nor do they love it. So, Cricket and I zoomed a bit but I still had to just spin and wait for them often so this wasn't a flat out ride.

Very hilly and 2 great mtns though, so I got a good work out--just not the average speed I'd like.

Tuesday Jul 19, 2005 #

run hills 1:38:01 [3] 17.0 km (5:46 / km)

It's a wonderful, hot and sticky 35 degrees. Since I was cold and rain soaked last Tuesday on my bike, I'm not complaining. I've been training hard even with every other day a rest day, so the first 6 kms I felt like I was crawling. Anyhoo, it was up the south mtn and I didn't stop for liquid at my usual 4 km mark. I'm getting stronger. Compare my time to the 20 kms I did on Friday, and you'll see I was slow. Still glad I did it.

Sunday Jul 17, 2005 #

bike hills 2:21:00 [4] 56.34 km (2:30 / km)

Tired after night of dancing and socializing but beautiful day and have to ride. Instead of mountains I went out on the windy 221 toward Middleton. It was rolling and hilly and the head wind made it challenging. Wanted to go 90 kms but had to be happy with this. Averaging 25.1 kms/hr and max speed 45 kms/hr. It was fun.

Friday Jul 15, 2005 #

run hills 1:42:00 [4] 20.0 km (5:06 / km)

I muggy, misty morning with heavy fog. Enjoyed running alone up and down the mtn. I was trying to run under 50 min 10kms but it was 51 minutes for each 10km. I enjoyed the run and felt strong. I'm so happy to be training for the 1/2.

Wednesday Jul 13, 2005 #

bike hills (mountain on road) 1:05:28 [5] 26.95 km (2:26 / km)

Biking on road with JAG, Cricket, Newbie and Valley Girl. They were all on their racing bikes. Felt strong and really enjoyed it. Lead the pace since JAG was just coasting. Sprinted at end. Averaged 24.7 kms/hr and max was 44.6 kms/hr. It was a real blast.

Tuesday Jul 12, 2005 #

bike hills 1:36:46 [4] 42.46 km (2:17 / km)

It's cold and looked like rain so I was trying to cram in this bike as fast as possible to beat the deluge. Yesterday we had 4 power outages with lightning striking clotheslines etc...I considered building an ark but my engineer was at work.

I am tired since I've had to take Gravol 2 nights in a row to sleep. It's amazing how meds stay in my system and make me dopey. Anyhoo, the first 10kms of mtn climb was a killer. I wore my yellow sleeveless top and realized 1/2 was up the mtn I was freezing. Decided that the cold and wind and raindrops were all telling me to only do the 42+ route and not the 46+. I really pushed up the cadence and the pace so am surprised I'm only averaging 23.4 It was a FUN ride.

Saturday Jul 9, 2005 #

run hills 2:00:00 [3] 20.0 km (6:00 / km)

A great run after a swim. My legs were tired from the bike but I felt wonderful overall.

swim tempo 17:00 [5] 1.0 km (17:00 / km)

Fabulous swim. I love it.

Friday Jul 8, 2005 #

bike hills 2:18:00 [3] 60.46 km (2:17 / km)

Got my Softride back yesterday with new cranks, a new man's seat with the cut away and replacement derailer until mine is fixed. Bought a Tour de France yellow cycling hat for under my helmet and wore it last night watching the replay of the stage I'd watched live in the morn. I'm psyched by Lance et al. So today I watched the Stage and then out on the bike. I immediately felt great and just did my mtn route and then explored new roads to get back home. Wanted to do 3 hrs but wasn't watching the clock. I'm back in the saddle again.

Wednesday Jul 6, 2005 #

run hills 2:00:00 [4] 22.0 km (5:27 / km)

I ran with Cricket, JAG and Valley girl through the woods and around Loon and Lake Paul. These women are EXCELLENT runners and love nothing better than to charge up hills. Luckily I'm getting stronger and love to charge down the hills too. I tried not to race because I'm training for long and consistent. I did charge up and down the hills and raced them the last 1 km through the woods. It was FABULOUS. I loved it. I'm really into the training now.

Tuesday Jul 5, 2005 #

bike hills (mountain bike on road) 2:11:14 [3] 52.5 km (2:30 / km)

Since the racing bike won't be fixed until Thursday afternoon, the mtn bike is the only alternative. So, I did the identical route I use the racing bike with--on the nubbies. What a rush to be charging up the south mtn and then zooming down the other side in 56.4 kms/hr. Even with a head wind I averaged 20.9 kms/hr. If was rough in spots and my butt is killing me, but I LOVED being out in the sun/wind/summer.

Sunday Jul 3, 2005 #

bike hills 1:14:00 [3] 38.38 km (1:56 / km)

We've been trying to get out on the bikes for a 104 km ride for 3 days. Canada Day it was pouring and we should have run, but just did inside chores. We are both lethargic. Saturday, Ironking wanted to do chores first, and you know how that goes.

So here I was, psyched for a long training ride with my coach. I was really tired for the first 21 minutes but then zoomed past him and was having fun. I BROKE THE DE-RAILER shifting up a hill. Ironking tried to fix it twice and then we had to bike back in the large ring but only in the middle. So, I had to coast a lot. Anyhoo, we got in 36+ and I still averaged 23.9 kms/hr even with that. I was happy to have done it.

bike hills (mountain bike on roads) 1:00:00 [3] 21.15 mi (2:50 / mi)

It was such a beautiful day and since the Ironman looms, I realized that I had to get out on the mtn bike if nothing else. I JUST sold my wonderful other racing bike--just when I needed it. Anyhoo, I zoomed up the south mtn and sped down it in 56 kms/hr. What a rush. I remembered how much I love the wind rushing thru my helmet. Biking with nubbies on roads is a good work out. I'm sure it's all good:)

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