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Training Log Archive: dkp

In the 7 days ending Apr 11:

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  forest run3 4:00:00
  Total3 4:00:00

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Wednesday Apr 8 #

forest run 1:20:00 [3]

In the middle of the run I was moving up a ridge from the lower end. I reached a plateau on the ridge and recovered from the first climb. I was moving slowly when I noticed a ball point pen on the ground. It was one of those cheap hotel room pens, white with green letters. I left it there but after a few strides I stopped and turned back. On the ground next to the pen was a plastic toy soldier and a small white stone. I picked up the stone and found that it was polished like the small stones that are sold in gift shops at tourist sites. I was trying to imagine how these things got to this place far from trail or parking lot. Then I noticed the base of the tree next to the items. It was a twined tree with the junction of the two trucks right at ground level. Inside the joint were a bunch of sticks, but they were all laying parallel to each other. I finally saw the answer to the three items. A small clear plastic box was tucked under the sticks. I pulled it out and opened it. There was water inside, but the log was inside a plastic bag. The last date on the log was August 2019. I put the three items inside the box, closed it, and put the box back under the sticks. I looked at my map and tried to memorize the location in case I had the opportunity to tell KB about it. In case she still looked for geocaches or still does letter boxing.
After that I resumed running up the ridge. It had a shallow slope and the woods were open. The running was good and I reached the top without trouble. over the top I crossed two old tracks that were covered with fallen trees. I made a detour around a green area marked on the map. At the edges of it the woods had scattered holly trees. I was able to slalom through the bushes. I could see far in front of me. This side of the hill was wide mostly flat with open woods. I ran perpendicular to the re-entrants jumping the small streams and finding the re-entrant sides had easy slopes. I was looking for a rock and on the downhill side it hidden by fallen trees. I ran around the trees and on the upside the woods were open and the rock stood out . I looked up the hill and saw that the huge hardwoods stood out from each other. It was like being in a cathedral with pillars along the center aisle The light rain had started again and I could feel it landing on me. I aimed for home and ran to the car.

Monday Apr 6 #

forest run 1:10:00 [3]

When I arrived at the forest I was still thinking about what was happening in the world and at school. I want to start running, but I could not jump right into the woods because of the thick vegetation. I ran down the road for a few hundred meters and found a nice re-entrant to use as a pathway into the forest. It was a very open bit of forest with a few fallen trees, but it was okay to jump over them. To my right I could see the top of the ridge. There were thick trees and bushes up there. To my left the side of the re-entrant was clear and open. This re-entrant was about three hundred meters long, all of it was good for running. at the junction of it and the stream at the base of the valley, I crossed to reach the opposite side. This side was the flat part of the valley. I look down the valley and it was straight and open with mature trees. The afternoon light was shining on the green holly trees and the mountain laurel bushes. They were few and scattered across the valley floor. The green highlighted the gray tree trucks. The floor was covered by leaves, but with the light shining on them there was an echo of Autumn. I could see the gold and red left over from the fall season. Looking down the stream valley I saw the variety of colors and textures of the smooth green holly leaves, the jagged bark, and the bumpy browns reds and golds of the leaf ground cover.
I was now pre-occupied by the forest and by the time I returned to that pathway re-entrant I was bliss-ed out from the woods. Again, I drove home with the radio off, extending the silence of the out of doors.

Sunday Apr 5 #

forest run 1:30:00 [3]

Ran early in the morning. As I drove to the woods All I could think about was the school work I had to prepare for students in the coming week and things left undone from the previous week.
At the forest I parked the car along side the road and popped directly into the woods. I was trying to shake off the doubts I had about my answers to students questions. I ran on the east side of a wide stream valley. It was the flatten side of the valley and the ground was nearly devoid of leaves. The wind blew up the valley and swept them away. What a great start to a run, going along a plateau of bare ground with mature trees.
I crossed the stream to begin the climb up the first hill. I tack up the hill like a sail boat tacking into the wind. I kicked the leaves as I slowly moved uphill. I was trying to reduce the slope and for the most part I was able to run the whole way up. The ridge top was narrow and I started to descend. Again I was on the side of the hill where the wind had cleared away from the ground. The trees were tall, mature hardwoods. A few ground cover bushes were on the hill side but they were scattered. I moved through them like a skier s-turning down a mountain. I was focusing on where to put my feet and that squeezed out any remaining thoughts of school or work. By the time I reach the bottom I was dialed into the woods, the trees, and sunshine on my back as I headed west.
By the time I got back to the car the sun was up over the trees and there were two other cars next to mine. I got in and drove off. The radio turned off as I tried to extend for a few more minutes the silence of the forest.

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