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Training Log Archive: Kat

In the 7 days ending Oct 22, 2006:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running4 3:36:30 27.26(7:57) 43.87(4:56)
  Swimming3 2:39:40
  Orienteering1 1:05:25 4.97(13:10) 8.0(8:11) 50
  Strength Training2 50:00
  Stretching3 17:00
  Total7 8:28:35 32.23 51.87 50

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Sunday Oct 22, 2006 #

Running warm up/down 13:04 [2] 1.51 mi (8:39 / mi)
shoes: Orange O-Shoes

Warm-up running was about 10 minutes, cool-down about 3 because it was starting to rain and I was getting cold.

Orienteering race 1:05:25 [4] 8.0 km (8:11 / km) +50m 7:56 / km
shoes: Orange O-Shoes

EVENT: SN regional event at Long Valley North
COURSE: W21L, 8.0 km, 50 meters climb, 26 controls
TERRAIN: Very varied - included sandy areas with big puddles, stretches of heather, nice white woods, some patches of green woods, brambles, and coniferous trees. There were also some pretty deep gullies that could not be jumped over but required climbing down and then up to get across.
MY RUN: With 26 controls on the course, it is hard to be perfect! I made a few minor mistakes, but in general spiked every control and ran at quite a fast pace considering I raced yesterday. I got tripped by low bramble branches a number of times and slipped while trying to climb over some logs because they were wet, but otherwise felt great!
RESULTS: 1st out of 14 women doing W21L! Achieved my goal of less than 1 minute of mistakes per km. (By comparing splits with the winner of M45L, I figure I lost about 6 minutes, 45 seconds total spread out over 7 controls.)

Stretching 5:00 [1]

Saturday Oct 21, 2006 #

Running warm up/down 11:20 [3] 1.46 mi (7:46 / mi)
shoes: The Purple Ones

A warm-up jog with the other OUCCC people.

Running 27:40 [5] 4.0 mi (6:55 / mi)
shoes: The Purple Ones

Mob Match vs. Thames Hare and Hounds, Wimbledon Common
My first race ever running for OUCCC! It was a pretty four-mile course with some quite muddy areas and a hilly bit towards the end. Before the race, I chatted with other OUCCC girls, including an American exchange student called Christine. From what she told me, she seemed to be about my speed, so I decided to try and stay with her, at least in the beginning. So when the race started, I stayed right on her shoulder. We were going at a very reasonable pace for the first five minutes, but then I wound up passing her on a slight downhill and being ahead of her for a while. Then, sometime around 14 minutes out she passed me again on the flat following a hill. I kept going at my steady pace and didn't try to stay with her, but I noted that although she made a gap between us, she didn't seem to be increasing it. So when we reached the last mile or so and the course became quite hilly and muddy, I began catching up again. She seemed better than me on flats and uphills, but I would gain on her on the downhills. Once she got to an intersection and didn't see any markers and I almost bumped into her. I continued on straight and she followed and almost immediately we saw a marker, so we knew we were going the right way. I stayed ahead for several minutes, but when we broke out into the final grassy flat run-in, she passed me again. It was hard to accelerate on the grass because my sneakers were so muddy from the course, but I think even if I had been wearing spikes I wouldn't have been able to catch up to her. She put on some speed for the last two minutes of the race and I just did not have the strength to do the same. We were together (her right in front) at the beginning of the final straight grassy stretch to the finish chute and she managed to beat me by 8 seconds. I'm not good at distance estimation, but I reckon this stretch was more than 200 meters, but less than 400.
Overall, I am very happy with my result. I did my best today and being able to stay with Christine for most of the race was awesome. We are both racing again at Birmingham next weekend, so that should be another fun challenge!

Running warm up/down 9:20 [3] 1.1 mi (8:29 / mi)
shoes: The Purple Ones

Cool-down jog with Lucia and Christine.


My knees felt a bit funny during the warm-up jog. They felt sort of loose and sore along the sides. Running did not make it better - sort of hurts to walk up/down stairs now. I am definitely orienteering tomorrow because it is the only day of the week I get to do that, but I'll take Monday off from running.

Friday Oct 20, 2006 #

Swimming 40:25 [2]

A shorter session today, because it's Friday and I need some rest.
warm-up: 4x100 free on 2 minutes
2x50 free on 60 sec
5x100 free on 1:45
100 back easy
2x50 free drill
2x{50 fly, 50 back easy}
6x50 free on 60 sec
cool-down: 4x100 free/back easy on 2 minutes
TOTAL: 2,100 meters

Thursday Oct 19, 2006 #

Strength Training (gym) 14:00 [3]

Running 50:05 [3] 6.33 mi (7:55 / mi)
shoes: The Purple Ones

Club Run. Right as I left my house it began to rain, so when I got to Rad Cam and we started, we were running quite fast. But then we got out onto the meadows and the sun came out, so we slowed down to a decent pace. Also, it was exceptionally muddy today, so in some areas it wasn't possible to go fast even if we wanted to - it was hard enough just to keep from falling!

Strength Training 11:00 [3]

Stretching 6:00 [1]

Wednesday Oct 18, 2006 #

Swimming 1:00:30 [3]

The guy I'd met on Monday was at the pool again and we chatted a bit before I started my workout. Turns out he's a runner as well.

warm-up: 4x100 free easy on 2 minutes
4x50 free on 60 sec
12x100 free on 1:45 (had 10-15 sec rest, sometimes felt like too much rest, last one was 1:30)
100 easy back
4x50 fly/back on 60 sec
4x50 free on 60 sec
100 easy free
3x{50 sprint on 60 sec, 50 back easy on 75 sec)
[Times were roughly 42 sec, 40 sec, and 39 sec. It probably took me at least half a second just to drag my wrist out of the water to look at my watch, so actual times were a bit faster. The progression shows that I am rusty when it comes to sprinting, but I get better with practice!]
cool-down: 3x100 free easy on 2 minutes
TOTAL: 3,000 meters

Tuesday Oct 17, 2006 #

Strength Training (gym) 15:00 [3]

Running 1:45:01 [2] 12.86 mi (8:10 / mi)
shoes: The Purple Ones

A long run by myself. Up the river to Port Meadow, then a loop around the Nature Reserve, then another 1/2 a loop before I went out to Port Meadow again (across that little wooden bridge). I ran up to the very top of the meadow and then attempted to do the same thing SGB and I had done two weeks ago - we went on some paved roads and then ran back down to the bottom of Port Meadow along the opposite side of the river. I tried a few roads but nothing looked right, so I went back to the meadow and ran all the way down across it (through the cows!), then back home as usual.

Strength Training 10:00 [3]

Stretching 6:00 [1]

Monday Oct 16, 2006 #

Swimming 58:45 [3]

Nice workout today. When I was doing the 6x50m the guy in my lane also started doing 50s and when he realized he was a bit slower than I was, he said "you're good!" He was quite nice and we talked a bit during my very short rest breaks, but then he left and two slow people got into my lane instead. They irritated me for ten minutes before switching lanes.

warm-up: 4x100 free easy on 2 minutes
4x25 free on 30 sec (getting 5+ seconds rest)
6x50 free on 60 sec (getting 10+ seconds rest)
5x100 free on 1:45 (getting 10+ seconds rest)
4x50 free on 55 sec
2x25 free on 25 sec
50 back easy
2x200 free on 3:30 (not pushing it, but not easy either)
4x75 fly/back/free on 1:30
4x{50 kick on 70 sec, 50 free on 55 sec}
cool-down: 3x100 free easy
TOTAL: 3,000 meters

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