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Training Log Archive: TomN

In the 31 days ending Jan 31, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering7 9:18:07 27.71 44.6 146087c
  Road running10 6:29:00 44.2(8:48) 71.14(5:28)
  Core strength5 1:37:00
  Total22 17:24:07 71.91 115.74 146087c
  [1-5]21 17:09:07
averages - rhr:44

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Tuesday Jan 31, 2012 #

12 PM

Road running 42:00 [3] 4.7 mi (8:56 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

GSFC perimeter road. What a day! Shorts were indicated (in January!) and even the long-sleeve top was a little warm.

Sunday Jan 29, 2012 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 1:04:03 [5] *** 7.2 km (8:54 / km) +260m 7:32 / km
20c rhr:44 shoes: Icebug olx

Red at Prince William. Very fast running, not too difficult technically. Only one mistake, overrunning no. 3 when I spotted another control in the same reentrant (which turned out to be our no. 13). The funny thing is, I saw Addie leaving the right control, but ignored her and went for the wrong one. I knew it was too far, but I kept going and checked the number anyway. From 4 to 5 I went along the river, which was fast but probably not fast enough to make up for the extra climb in and out. From 6 to 7 back along the river again! I think this was a good choice, but I was horribly slow finding the control at the end.

Thursday Jan 26, 2012 #

Road running 33:00 [3] 3.8 mi (8:41 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Drumm loop.

Wednesday Jan 25, 2012 #

8 AM

Core strength 12:00 [1]

Skipped 3 exercises in interests of time. Still felt good afterwards.

Tuesday Jan 24, 2012 #

11 AM

Road running 58:00 [3] 7.1 mi (8:10 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Saturday Jan 21, 2012 #

9 AM

Road running 35:00 [3] 3.8 mi (9:13 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Drumm loop.

Friday Jan 20, 2012 #

8 AM

Core strength 20:00 [1]

Wednesday Jan 18, 2012 #

12 PM

Road running 40:00 [3] 4.5 mi (8:53 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

GSFC perimeter road.

Monday Jan 16, 2012 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 2:50:00 [4] ***** 15.9 km (10:42 / km) +515m 9:12 / km
31c shoes: Inov8 Roclite 295

Borrego long. Window order: 7-9-6-8. Skipped 17. Split right (23). Spiked the trail-O. Despite having company most of the way, made some egregious errors. Way off on 11 somehow, spent time in various reentrants before relocating from the trail, and even then missed the attack. Overran 12 and climbed a huge ridge only to have to descend it again. Terrible time with 13, went right by the control and didn't know it, finally attacked from the disappearing road. Parallel error on 23, which I thought would be the easy split, turned out there were two washes with signposts right next to each other. Fun race, finished just under the time limit but that included at least a half hour of mistakes.

Update: looks like I missed one of the string-o controls. I had a nagging feeling that an extra number went by in there.

Sunday Jan 15, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:19:32 [5] ***** 5.4 km (14:44 / km) +210m 12:20 / km
shoes: Inov8 Roclite 295

Anza-Borrego Day 2 Green. Slow on 1 and 2 (trouble finding the controls) and a disaster on 3. Overran the control and got onto the ridge just off the edge of the map. Looked in all the reentrants on both sides of the ridge before understanding the situation, and then it was right to the control. The problem is I had not appreciated the difference between the pedestal of rubble surrounding these hills and the hills themselves. There is a visible steepening of the slope, but it's hard to see on the map. This control was in the pedestal, but I ran to the hill. After that things went better. Big route choice on 6: after thinking about it for a while I continued up the trail to the ridge and followed it all the way down to the saddle just west of the control. Extra climb, but a very straightforward approach.

Saturday Jan 14, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:15:37 [5] ***** 5.8 km (13:02 / km) +210m 11:02 / km
13c shoes: Inov8 Roclite 295

Anza-Borrego Day 1 Green. Second place, despite 8-10 minutes of errors. On #2, I poked around in all the canyons off the main wash before it occurred to me to look up. There it was, about 50 feet up in a little slot. Oh, right, welcome to Anza-Borrego. Overly cautious on 3, then made a 180 error leaving 4. Hit the road instead of the little trail. I think I'm more susceptible to this mistake in a place like this, where everything looks pretty much the same. Then I had a very good sequence 5-6-7-8-9-10-11, navigating well with good route choices. Back out of 11 the way I came in, then a long slog up to 12. Overall highly enjoyable. Scrambling in steep terrain is right up my alley, and I'm happy to find myself having enough navigational skills to get around in this place.
2 PM

Orienteering race 1:15:12 [4] ***** 4.0 km (18:48 / km)
9c shoes: Inov8 Roclite 295

Anza-Borrego Maze-O. Control sequence: 33-32-36-37-38-35-34-31-39. I have to say, I was barely competent in this event. I intended to go from 32 to 31, then around clockwise, but I got lost on the way to 31, and relocated back to 32. Then some others were headed towards 36, so I went that way too. I was never certain of my position on the rough orienteering stretches, but I picked up the cues inside the circles and found the controls pretty well.

What a great place for orienteering! Forget about taking a bearing, because you'll run into a potential death fall every 20 feet. You have to work your way around the cliffs or into the slots instead. I found the cliff markings on the map distracting, and wasn't able to orient by them, so I ignored them (except as roadblocks) and read the contours for navigation. In the areas relatively free of cliffs I had much better location ability.

Thursday Jan 12, 2012 #

12 PM

Road running 30:00 [3] 3.5 mi (8:34 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

... or maybe not.

Wednesday Jan 11, 2012 #

Core strength 30:00 [1]

Ow, I tweaked my lower back doing the snatches off the floor. That's not supposed to happen -- I'm doing this stuff as a preventive measure against back injuries! Doesn't seem too bad, may skip running tomorrow.

Tuesday Jan 10, 2012 #

1 PM

Road running 40:00 [3] 4.5 mi (8:53 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

GSFC perimeter road

Monday Jan 9, 2012 #

Core strength 20:00 [1]

Sunday Jan 8, 2012 #

1 PM

Orienteering race 1:03:43 [4] *** 6.3 km (10:07 / km) +265m 8:21 / km
14c shoes: Inov8 Roclite 295

QOC McKeldin red course
3 PM

Orienteering 30:00 [2]

Control pick-up

Friday Jan 6, 2012 #

Road running 36:00 [3] 3.8 mi (9:28 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Drumm loop

Wednesday Jan 4, 2012 #

Road running 45:00 [3] 4.7 mi (9:34 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Monday Jan 2, 2012 #

9 AM

Road running 30:00 [3] 3.8 mi (7:54 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Adrenaline

Sunday Jan 1, 2012 #

Core strength (1 circuit) 15:00 [0]

Here are the details of my core strength circuit training. I got most of these from the P90X "Core Synergistics" video, but I found a lot of that workout unappealing, so I dropped a bunch of it and added a few from other places including a little bit of leg work. Probably ought to add some kind of push-up exercise for completeness.
1. Simultaneous opposite arm and leg raises in modified plank position. 20 reps, hold for 5, alternating sides.
2. Side hip raises from modified plank position, with leg lifts. 15x per side.
3. 3-position banana rolls (center-left-center-right). Hold for 5, 3 reps, ending on center.
4. Alternating knee raises from supine bent-leg position, feet off the floor. 40 reps, alternating sides.
5. Reverse lunges (start from elevated platform, step back and down, hold, step up). 40 reps, alternating sides.
6. Lunge and reach, 15 lb weight (weight in both hands, lower to floor outside, raise overhead on opposite side), 20 reps per side.
7. Steam engine (alternating knee to elbow raises in standing position), 100 reps, alternating sides.

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