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Training Log Archive: TomN

In the 31 days ending Dec 31, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road running14 9:01:50 61.3(8:50) 98.65(5:30)
  Orienteering3 3:33:20 12.99(16:26) 20.9(10:12) 585
  Core strength12 2:13:00
  Cycling1 1:41:00 22.0(4:35) 35.41(2:51)
  Trail Running2 1:35:00 10.4(9:08) 16.74(5:41)
  Total23 18:04:10 106.69 171.69 585

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Saturday Dec 31, 2016 #

Road running 34:15 [3] 4.0 mi (8:34 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

The regular loop around the neighborhood at the regular time. 39 degrees and partly sunny. Faster than the last few days, and felt great.

Core strength 10:00 [3]

Daily Challenge plus.

Core strength 10:00 [3]

Daily Challenge Plus.

Friday Dec 30, 2016 #

Core strength 8:00 [3]

Daily Challenge. I'm adding figure-8s.

Thursday Dec 29, 2016 #

Road running 35:06 [3] 4.0 mi (8:47 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Same route as yesterday, starting around 11. It was dark and rainy all morning, but when I started the rain had stopped and it was a little lighter out. There is a high wind advisory this afternoon. No wind at all while I was out, but I can see it in the trees now, in the early afternoon.

Core strength 15:00 [3]

Daily challenge, followed by leg strength exercises:
20 forward lunges, each leg
20 back lunges, each leg
30 step-ups, each leg

Wednesday Dec 28, 2016 #

Road running 35:10 [3] 4.0 mi (8:48 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Neighborhood run around noon.

Core strength 7:00 [3]

Daily Challenge version 2.

Tuesday Dec 27, 2016 #

Core strength 7:00 [3]

The Daily Challenge leveled up today. Actually, it was yesterday, but I didn't get the message.
15 pushups
20 each side one-legged toe touches
30 squats
1:30 wall sit
1:30 plank

Road running 1:08:15 [3] 7.0 mi (9:45 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Forest Glen - Seminary route. 60s and sunny. I was taking it slow, but I didn't know it was going to be this slow.

Monday Dec 26, 2016 #

Core strength 6:00 [3]

Frisbee Challenge Daily.

Road running 29:56 [3] 3.3 mi (9:04 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

A run in the afternoon with Addie.

Saturday Dec 24, 2016 #

Core strength 6:00 [3]

Challenge Daily Frisbee.

Friday Dec 23, 2016 #

Core strength 6:00 [3]

Challenge Frisbee Daily.

Road running 38:00 [3] 4.3 mi (8:50 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Goddard perimeter road at noon. I deliberately ran slowly and tried to keep soft feet, for what has turned out to be my highest mileage week in some time (not counting biking). The weather has been great for midday runs, but cycling has taken a holiday due to cold mornings.

Thursday Dec 22, 2016 #

Core strength 6:00 [3]

Frisbee Daily Challenge.

Trail Running 48:00 [3] 5.2 mi (9:14 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Greenbelt Park Perimeter Trail. Another 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, that's 2 days in a row. Should have been in shorts but I didn't have them with me. The temperature can't continue very long on this slope.

A butterfly, a small brick-red anglewing of some kind, flew up in front of me on the trail. I lost it in the sun and didn't get much of a look. These species overwinter as adults and sometimes fly around on a nice day.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2016 #

Core strength 6:00 [3]

Daily Frisbee Challenge.

Road running 37:00 [3] 4.3 mi (8:36 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Goddard perimeter road at noon. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, not as much sun.

Tuesday Dec 20, 2016 #

Road running 47:00 [3] 5.5 mi (8:33 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Noontime run around Goddard. This run felt unusually good. 34 deg, sunny, the clothing system was perfect and all body parts were happy. I wasn't even going to bring my running stuff with me, but I just read in the paper that Joan Benoit Samuelson is running every day all winter in Maine, ticking off 2:50 marathons and about to turn 60. So c'mon, get going.

Monday Dec 19, 2016 #

Core strength 6:00 [3]

Next up in the Frisbee Strength Series: Cornell Daily Challenge.

10 pushups
15 each side 1-leg toe touches
15 squats
15 squat jumps
1-min wall sit
1-min plank

This will increase over the next few weeks. Should be doing it every day.

Sunday Dec 18, 2016 #

Orienteering race 1:14:57 [3] 7.8 km (9:37 / km) +230m 8:22 / km
shoes: Icebug olx 2nd

QOC Swanson Road Red. I did some course consulting for today's event. The course was straightforward, both technically and physically, and the running was very fast over open terrain, even through the light green parts. None of which prevented me from making a 3-minute mistake on the next-to-last control, attacked from near the water stop on the trail and expected to see the remnants of the old fence, but never did. In fact I had crossed it early and pushed on through the light green until I was no longer sure of my location. I went most of the way back before heading in the right direction, using the compass this time.

Friday Dec 16, 2016 #

Road running 34:26 [3] 4.0 mi (8:37 / mi)

Neighborhood loop at noon. 27 degrees and overcast.

Core strength 40:00 [3]

Well, the 2 ultimate-playing daughters are home for winter break, so it's time for frisbee team exercises. Starting with Mei-An's team:

2 x {
30 squats
8 hamstring falls (nordic exercise)
20 single leg calf raises each side
20 clamshells each side
20 donkey kicks each side
20 fire hydrants each side
15 glute bridges
20 pushups
15 triceps dips

8 x abs exercises, 1 min each, continuous (no rest):
high flutter kicks
russian twists
mountain climbers
side plank
side plank other side

This was hard. I'm not too fond of the dips. And I failed in some of the abs and had to rest a bit.

Wednesday Dec 14, 2016 #

Road running 36:42 [3] 4.3 mi (8:32 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Got a little window in between meetings, so I went for a run, even though I had trouble finding time for lunch afterwards. Goddard perimeter road, low 40s and sunny, and everyone else I saw was in shorts.

Tuesday Dec 13, 2016 #

Road running 35:00 [3] 4.0 mi (8:45 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

I didn't want to run in the morning because I had some stuff at work I really wanted to finish today, but I got it done and got home for an early evening run, pretty dark by the end. It may be the last good day for a while, we'll have to see.

And when I got back from the run I found my watch, right where it should have been all along, so I won't have to keep fudging the time.

Sunday Dec 11, 2016 #

Orienteering race 53:50 [3] 5.5 km (9:47 / km) +150m 8:37 / km
shoes: Icebug olx 2nd

QOC Ball's Bluff Green. I felt good and ran well. The forest was in great condition. I kept really good map awareness until the last control, 11. Lost focus and followed random trails, which turned out to be a good route but it took me a while before I was certain again. First on Green.

Immediately afterwards Florence and I drove to Ithaca through deteriorating weather and got to Addie's place at 7:30. She's done tomorrow for the semester and comes back for winter break.

Friday Dec 9, 2016 #

Road running 35:00 [3] 4.0 mi (8:45 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Noontime run, same route as yesterday but a lot colder, 35 and breezy. Pretty much the same clothes as yesterday too, but with the addition of a buff. Felt about right today. And I veered off course today too, daydreaming again, but as soon as I started running up the grassy hill I snapped out of it. That's part of my old dog walk, not my run.

Thursday Dec 8, 2016 #

Road running 38:00 [3] 4.3 mi (8:50 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Morning run. I was a little overdressed, but I was wearing psychological clothes -- what you have to put on to convince yourself to go out the door in the morning. Then I was daydreaming and made a wrong turn, which added a little bit to the total distance.

Wednesday Dec 7, 2016 #

Road running 38:00 [3] 4.3 mi (8:50 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Goddard perimeter road at noon. Sunny and mid-40s, rather pleasant. Finally done with the rain, but we're looking at a cold spell coming up.

Sunday Dec 4, 2016 #

Orienteering race 1:24:33 [4] 7.6 km (11:08 / km) +205m 9:48 / km
shoes: Icebug olx 2nd

QOC Patapsco Hilton Red. A nice course by Victor Lin, good woods for the most part, and a pretty area. I didn't have any problems with the navigation, and the controls were hung high, but I felt slow in places. Part of it was certainly due to the footing, with a lot of leaf-covered stony ground making for treacherous running. The USMA team dominated the course, with about 10 of them finishing ahead of me.

Friday Dec 2, 2016 #

Trail Running 47:00 [3] 5.2 mi (9:02 / mi)
shoes: Adrenaline 15

Trail run at Greenbelt Park. Sunny and 50s, and the wind was less of a problem in the woods.

Thursday Dec 1, 2016 #

Cycling 1:41:00 [3] 22.0 mi (4:35 / mi)

I had company on the ride home this evening. A science team colleague who works out of his house in North Carolina and visits the lab every few weeks brought his bike with him, as he sometimes does, and I think it was Florence who proposed that he ride home with me and she drive his car with the rest of our gear.

We were going to leave around 4 p.m. but we both had things that dragged on, then had to change and pack the car, and it was about 4:45 before we got started. Thoroughly dark about 45 minutes later, and it was a little bit hard to follow the twisty Sligo Creek trail but a lot of fun barreling through the darkness.

He's an expert mountain biker, and I keep trying to get him to one of our MTBO events, including this coming weekend, but it hasn't worked out.

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