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Training Log Archive: TomN

In the 31 days ending Oct 31, 2018:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road running14 9:45:06 62.42(9:22) 100.46(5:49) 1476
  Hiking3 9:28:52 22.36(25:27) 35.98(15:49) 2628
  Orienteering6 5:39:53 19.58(17:22) 31.51(10:47) 220
  Total23 24:53:51 104.36(14:19) 167.96(8:54) 4324

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Wednesday Oct 31, 2018 #

12 PM

Road running 50:03 [3] 5.39 mi (9:17 / mi) +81m 8:52 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Noontime at GSFC, perimeter road plus antenna range loop.

Tuesday Oct 30, 2018 #

12 PM

Road running 38:37 [3] 4.33 mi (8:55 / mi) +47m 8:38 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Noontime run at GSFC. 60 and sunny.

Monday Oct 29, 2018 #

11 AM

Road running 34:17 [3] 3.84 mi (8:55 / mi) +99m 8:16 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

The usual 4-mile loop, a little faster. Temp in the low 50s, and breezy.

Sunday Oct 28, 2018 #

11 AM

Orienteering 1:25:04 [4] *** 7.1 km (11:59 / km) +185m 10:36 / km
shoes: IceBug Olx 4

Short Stumble at Pine Grove Furnace. The first leg was up a hill along a dirt road, and after the long runners split off I was on my own. I saw one other runner just after the first control, who was going the wrong way. Not another person in sight for the rest of the run. I woke up all the controls. It was good PA terrain, long featureless slopes and a lot of open forest.

I spiked every control, which is pretty unusual. I used small contour detail, charcoal platforms, and rocks to stay on course. And of course, trails and streams where available. First on the Short course by about 30 minutes, and first finisher overall. Distance traveled was 8.8k on a 7.1k course, so pretty direct routes, although I ran around on the road and trail on the long leg 9-10. Window order 36-35-38-37.

Friday Oct 26, 2018 #

8 AM

Road running 36:30 [3] 3.82 mi (9:33 / mi) +92m 8:53 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Thursday Oct 25, 2018 #

12 PM

Road running 1:05:11 [3] 6.92 mi (9:25 / mi) +206m 8:38 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Sunny and 45, and I finally got the clothing right (shorts, long-sleeve, tech T, gloves and hat, which I took off after 3 miles).

Wednesday Oct 24, 2018 #

9 AM

Road running 36:56 [3] 3.83 mi (9:39 / mi) +95m 8:58 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Tuesday Oct 23, 2018 #

7 AM

Road running 36:26 [3] 3.89 mi (9:21 / mi) +95m 8:42 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Same run as yesterday, feeling a little lighter in the legs.

Monday Oct 22, 2018 #

7 AM

Road running 37:11 [3] 3.88 mi (9:35 / mi) +93m 8:55 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

The last time I ran at home it was shorts and T-shirt, now it's in the 30s. Big change. I overdressed.

Sunday Oct 21, 2018 #

Orienteering race 1:08:58 [3] 4.9 km (14:04 / km)
shoes: Spirit OLX (last)

US Nationals Long race. The terrain gave me some problems. I lost time on all the long legs, and I had to search for the control nearly every time. Despite all that, it was enjoyable in a puzzle-solving kind of way, and I just wish I could have done better.

Saturday Oct 20, 2018 #

9 AM

Orienteering 13:09 [5] 1.35 mi (9:44 / mi) +4m 9:39 / mi
shoes: Roclite 290 Black

US Nationals Sprint 1. I skipped #7, going straight from 6 to 8. At some point during the leg I just latched on to #8, found it and moved on. But it wouldn't have been a good time anyway, because I botched #8 and 10.
12 PM

Orienteering 21:58 [5] 1.96 mi (11:13 / mi) +6m 11:06 / mi
shoes: Roclite 290 Black

US Nationals Sprint 2. I botched up #7 in the long depression. Bad attack point, because I didn't know where I was on the path going in. And I kept thrashing around thinking it was right here, but it wasn't. Not my day.

Friday Oct 19, 2018 #

3 PM

Orienteering 27:48 [4] 2.6 mi (10:42 / mi) +25m 10:23 / mi
shoes: Spirit OLX (last)

U.S. Nationals Middle course at St. Patrick's Park. A couple of small mistakes, first on #7, I tried to cut the corner on the trail going in, but ended up running up the escarpment to the trail on top. Lost 40 seconds there. On #10 in the small reentrant, I didn't want to go south of it and miss it, so I aimed off to the north . . . way too far. I hit the reentrant, but it was filled with fallen logs and branches on the way down to the control. Turned out the straight line had good visibility. Lost a minute there. But I made one good decision, running to the right around the lake to #5, and arrived there at the same time as Dave Hunter who started ahead of me and went left. It was drizzling during my run, and I got pretty wet but kept my glasses on and they stayed clear.

Soubpone had a great run and was 1:20 ahead of me, and Steve T. just a minute behind. The three of us divided up the top splits pretty evenly.

Sunday Oct 14, 2018 #

Orienteering 2:02:56 [3] 10.0 km (12:18 / km)
shoes: Roclite 290 Black

Wolfeboro O-Ringen. Conveniently on my way from Hanover, ME to Boston. A nice event organized by Peter Goodwin. 4 short races at 3 venues around Wolfeboro, including the Goodwin property.

My orienteering got progressively worse as the day went on. I started out paying close attention and thinking everything through, and by the end I was just pointing and running. That didn't work out well. Also, I know I have trouble transitioning between different kinds of terrain, and I made mistakes in the sprint on the school grounds when the course went into the woods. Need to be more alert to those problems, because they can surely be anticipated.


I came back from Maine with a variety of minor physical problems. A painful heel crack, a sore knee, a pulled muscle in the ribcage. The pulled muscle was from a slip and near fall on wet granite ledges near the top of Puzzle Mountain. I jerked up and caught my balance but felt the ping under the ribs. It's been sore for a week, and I can't sleep on that side. The heel crack is a weird thing that I'v had only once before, after another stay in Maine. What could be the cause of that? Anyway, I superglued the sides together in an effort to keep it from widening but It's still pretty sore.

Friday Oct 12, 2018 #

9 AM

Hiking 4:44:05 [2] 9.69 mi (29:19 / mi) +1153m 21:24 / mi
shoes: Roclite 290 Black

Baldface Circle Trail. I'm a sucker for a loop trail, and this one is the best there is around here. I had planned to go up Mt. Madison today, but the weather forecast kept getting worser and worser... temps in the 40s and 65 mph wind? Today on Mt. Washington it's 27F, freezing fog, and wind gusts up to 70. I'm not equipped for it, and I wouldn't do it solo anyway.

So Baldface was a good choice today, and there was plenty of wind up on the exposed ridges but the real problem was the slabs were wet and slippery. Lower down, the leaf cover made it difficult underfoot, and I lost the trail a few times. Normally you can easily see Mt. Washington and the Presidentials two ridges over to the west, but as expected they were in the clouds. I met 2 other solo hikers, but when I got back there were a couple more cars in the parking area.

A fairly good time given the conditions, and all parts came back intact. Good hike in less than ideal conditions.

Tuesday Oct 9, 2018 #

9 AM

Hiking 2:57:06 [2] 7.3 mi (24:16 / mi) +912m 17:29 / mi
shoes: Roclite 290 Black

Puzzle Mountain and Woodsum Spur. It was warm and humid this morning (60 degrees) with a thick fog on the lake. It began to clear around 9 a.m. and only the top of Puzzle Mountain was in the clouds. The trailhead is about 6 miles away on Rt. 26 heading towards Grafton Notch.

The summit was still in the clouds when I got there, but there were good views from the ledges just below, including a great view of the lake from a point on the Woodsum Spur trail just before the 4 mile split. It was in the 70s when I got back down just after noon, mostly sunny, and the clouds had lifted.

Monday Oct 8, 2018 #

11 AM

Road running 53:17 [3] 5.1 mi (10:27 / mi) +276m 8:57 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Fog on the lake, and drizzle in the air. Temperature around 49 deg.F. Hard to force myself out the door, and I never got to what you'd really call warm. I ran around the lake and over Woodsman's Peak. First time in a while that I've been able to get all the way up the trail to the peak without walking some.

Sunday Oct 7, 2018 #

11 AM

Road running 1:00:39 [3] 6.49 mi (9:21 / mi) +99m 8:55 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Bethel Pathway and Intervale Road.

Saturday Oct 6, 2018 #

11 AM

Hiking 1:47:41 [2] 5.37 mi (20:03 / mi) +563m 15:08 / mi
shoes: Roclite 290 Black

I'm in Maine for a little getaway, having arrived last night. Today I went to Rumford Whitecap, whose trailhead is only about 2 miles away. It was in the 50s but sunny, with a cool breeze on the ledges on top. Up the Yellow trail and down the Red trail.

There were about 12 cars parked when I got there, half of them on the side of the road because the parking lot was full. I couldn't imagine so many people just deciding to hike today, so I figured there must be some trail cleanup or something going on. But no, I passed at least 10 people on the way up, and as many going down. Columbus Day weekend, I guess. I was in shorts and t-shirt (with a windbreaker in my small hydration pack) but most folks were in fleece and parkas. But yeah, I would have been cold if I had stopped.

Thursday Oct 4, 2018 #

11 AM

Road running 36:37 [3] 3.94 mi (9:18 / mi) +106m 8:35 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Definitely feeling a little sore today.

Wednesday Oct 3, 2018 #

11 AM

Road running 19:46 [3] 2.22 mi (8:54 / mi) +11m 8:46 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Warm-up jog from my office to the 2-mile start. A few strides.

Road running race 14:41 [5] 2.01 mi (7:18 / mi) +36m 6:55 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

86th running of the NASA Goddard Intracenter Running Competition. I was hoping for closer to 14:30, but not too bad as it is. A pretty warm day, temperature near 80. The clock at the 1-mile split showed 7:17, but the gps split shows 7:21.
12 PM

Road running 13:53 [3] 1.33 mi (10:26 / mi) +13m 10:08 / mi
shoes: Adrenaline 17 2nd

Jog back to Building 33.

Monday Oct 1, 2018 #

10 AM

Road running 51:02 [3] 5.43 mi (9:24 / mi) +127m 8:45 / mi

In the neighborhood, through McKenney hills to Forest Glen and back parallel to Ga. Ave.

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