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Training Log Archive: Anna

In the 7 days ending Apr 7, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  orienteering4 3:28:31 12.41(16:48) 19.97(10:26) 87565 /74c87%
  Running (mostly hard surfaces)4 2:20:29 15.36(9:09) 24.72(5:41)
  Running (mostly trails/soft surfaces)3 1:10:16 6.94(10:07) 11.17(6:17)
  running drills4 22:03 0.97(22:43) 1.56(14:07)
  Armchair: simplification3 38
  Armchair: control circle1 25
  Total6 7:22:22 35.68 57.42 87565 /74c87%
  [1-5]6 7:21:19
averages - sleep:8.4

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Sunday Apr 7, 2013 #

orienteering race 44:53 [4] *** 4.45 km (10:05 / km) +250m 7:52 / km
spiked:13/16c shoes: O' Shoes

Frustrating. But I had a lot of good legs.

Running (mostly trails/soft surfaces) warm up/down 20:00 [2] 2.0 mi (10:00 / mi)

running drills warm up/down 5:00 [2] 0.2 mi (24:59 / mi)

Saturday Apr 6, 2013 #

orienteering 1:55:14 [4] *** 9.9 km (11:38 / km) +545m 9:08 / km
ahr:168 spiked:21/22c shoes: O' Shoes

Garmin distance: 11.57k, 575m.

Strategy today was to run the first half as a long run and pick it up if I felt good after that. I didn't feel that great after the first half, so I just tried to hang on. The errors I remember making were one bad route choice on 5 and one bobble on a compass control, after my compass had broken. Pretty excited I could hold it together for almost 2 hours. A good sign for the Billygoat!

Also, my compass broke on the tenth control. It was a water stop at a steep ravine, and my planned exit was to run down the spur. Unfortunately, all the water had fallen down the ravine, and this was the control where I'd planned to take my Gu. So I had to go down the ravine. I fell and hit my elbow and didn't notice my compass had broken until I crossed the next huge ravine! After that, the strategy was to keep in really close contact, because it would be really really hard to relocate without a compass. And I did!

Running (mostly trails/soft surfaces) warm up/down 12:07 [2] 1.0 mi (12:07 / mi)

Short warmup and cooldown:)

running drills warm up/down 5:58 [2] 0.27 mi (22:04 / mi)

Friday Apr 5, 2013 #

orienteering race 20:06 [4] *** 2.9 km (6:56 / km) +80m 6:05 / km
spiked:20/24c slept:9.0

Had a decent race.


Control 1: simplification. I saw a black box and thought I was looking for a building. I ran right past the actual feature, an electrical box. This could've been solved if I'd simplified based on the path junction instead of what I thought was a patch of woods. Man-made features are a lot less ambiguous!

Control 3: ran to the wrong cliff. Again, simplification. I ran to the cliff on the path. This cliff was not on a path.

Control 6: simplification. (I'm noticing a pattern!) I ran to an electrical box, but one that was smaller than control 1 and not on the map. Instead, I should have run half-way down the length of the building, or else read that the box was in an open-with-scattered-trees area.

Control 13: planned my route over a passable wall and decided I couldn't go over it. Ran around instead.

In total, I counted 49 seconds of errors. Yikes!!! On the plus side, I seem to be getting into shape quickly, and errors should be expected as I navigate at a faster pace than I'm used to. Hopefully the Park-O season will help me with sprints!

Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down 31:49 [3] 3.07 mi (10:22 / mi)

Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down (Extended run) 3:02 [4] 0.39 mi (7:46 / mi)

Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down (Strides) 1:00 [4] 0.1 mi (10:00 / mi)

running drills 5:42 [2] 0.28 mi (20:20 / mi)

Running (mostly hard surfaces) (Shake-out) 16:16 [3] 1.94 mi (8:23 / mi)

At Wendy's

Thursday Apr 4, 2013 #

Running (mostly hard surfaces) 31:01 [3] 3.1 mi (10:00 / mi)

In Pittsburgh!!! Running to meet a high school teammate for dinner! Tired from my bus ride, but the run is helping.

Running (mostly hard surfaces) 10:43 [2] 1.1 mi (9:45 / mi)

Home from dinner. Yummy!!! We had tilapia with peppers and onions and turmeric and pepper flakes, and the gingery-est tea ever!

Armchair: simplification 10 [0]

Long-ish legs from Moreau

Wednesday Apr 3, 2013 #


Muscle tightness that feels a lot like vocal cord dysfunction. Tried to do exercises, but I forgot them all, and I didn't start keeping a training log till after all of that was fixed:/ So I'm hoping it's just a combination of temporary stress from the popup shop (less than 2 weeks away!!!!!) and my upper body muscles being tight from shivering all winter. Side note: roommate is moving out, so next winter the house will be at a reasonable temperature!!!

orienteering 28:18 [3] *** 2.72 km (10:24 / km)

Yay, light enough to orienteer after work! Managed to squeeze this in before packing. Part of a contour-only course I found in my room.

Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down 22:17 [3] 2.3 mi (9:41 / mi)

Armchair: simplification 3 [0]

Tuesday Apr 2, 2013 #

Armchair: simplification 25 [0]

Armchair: control circle 25 [0]

Running (mostly hard surfaces) 21:31 [4] 3.23 mi (6:40 / mi)

First track workout in over a year, and huuuge confidence boost!!! My legs felt funny since I haven't run that fast in awhile, but it didn't feel all that taxing.

800, 600, 1200, 800, 600, 1200, with 200 jog between each.

I wasn't that great at pacing, but it could've been worse. From the first half to the second, I only positive-splitted by 8 seconds.

3:20 (1:48)
2:22 (1:29)
4:59 (2:13...dying!!!)
3:14 (1:57...too fast)
2:30 (1:28)
5:06 (faded on lap 2 but was able to finish strong)

Before I started my legs felt sort of jello-y, and I really noticed it at the end, but they don't have that heavy tired feeling I get after hard workouts. Exciting!!!

Running (mostly trails/soft surfaces) 38:09 [3] 3.94 mi (9:41 / mi)

Running (mostly hard surfaces) warm up/down (Strides) 2:50 [4] 0.13 mi (21:49 / mi)

running drills 5:23 [2] 0.22 mi (24:28 / mi)

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